Square Enix publishes statement about Chocobo GP errors and microtransractions

Launch of Square Enix chocobo GP in Nintendo Switch earlier this month, and although the Karts game with Final Fantasy theme seemed promising, there has been a number of problems from the beginning. Players have noticed a series of errors, including problems at home, coincidences and more. There has also been a lot of dissatisfaction with the amount of microtransaccles present. Officer of the game Japanese Twitter account addressed these problems with a long statement, revealing that Square Enix is ​​currently working in resolutions. However, error corrections will take time and a specific window has not been given for when they will be launched.

Chocobo GP Nintendo Switch Review!

While this will surely disappoint the players who are already frustrated, Square Enix has made some early changes in the game to help with microtransales. The XP was reduced to increase the level of the prize and all players receive 500 mithril as a reward. When season 2 starts, Mithril will be a reward incorporated in the game’s prizes. In the new season, players can also expect to see new courses.

It is difficult to say if these changes will be sufficient to satisfy the players, but it is clear that chocobo GP has not begun in the way that fans expected. Several players have already noticed that KART racing games are difficult to sell in Nintendo Switch when the system already has Mario Kart 8 luxury, which is one of the best-selling games on the console. Any kart racing game will have a battle uphill in the system, especially in a year in which it is luxury Kart 8 is receiving a lot of new content.

With luck, Square Enix can control these problems and do chocobo gp live up to its maximum potential! Several games have had problems in the launch and have been successful. It is possible that this can happen through chocobo gp, and the free version of the game could help attract more players once more of these corrections are published. For now, chocobo gp fans will only have to wait and see!

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