XEV Trend Korea 2022 Opening … “Identification of electric car”

The eco-friendly car exhibition ‘Xev Trend Korea 2022’ posted on 17th.

The scene was full of new electric cars, electric mobility, chargers and batteries with new technologies.

This year, XEV Trend Korea, which has five rounds, is an eco-friendly car exhibition, which is held for government led to expand electric vehicles, and forms new car cultures.

A total of 50 companies including electric mobility, chargers, and battery makers, including modern cars, Kia, Volvo, a finished car company, and a total of 300 booths.

Hyundai, who has the biggest booth among the participants, announced the direction of the ‘Ionick Brand Fan Park’ on the subject, and announced the direction of the dedicated electric car brand Ionick.

Exhibited Ionic 5 and Electric Singan Concept Car Profa, and showed the electricity SUV concept car Seven to the video, and showed the future of the Ionic brand family in one place.

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▲ Mobile electric charging cart, ‘H-Mobile Charge’ ▲ Electric car ultra-high-speed charging system ‘e-feet’ ▲ The charging service cars are also released and showed off the advance fairy tale technology.

A visitist who found a booth said, “Ionic brand family and various electric vehicles are abundant,”

Kia, who is a big exhibition space, which is not a modern vehicle, has exhibited the new Niiro EV and electric car EV6 EV6 GT-line, which is a new Niiro EV and electric car-only platform, which is ahead of the release.

The model that focuses on the attention is a new Ni Lo EV. New cars were made of Cia’s sustainable growth, and have been made of eco-friendly materials. Sauseum information has not yet been disclosed.

The exhibition at the exhibition at the exhibition of plastic companies, such as a plastic company, and battery recycling, such as battery recycling, etc.

Of the imported vehicles, the only exhibition participated in the event, I exhibited two C40 Reviews.

In February, C40 Review, which started selling domestic reservations, features a dual electric motor, four-wheeled function, advanced safety and convenience specifications. It is also the first electricity of Volvo.

Bounce, Curly and Costel, etc. Charger and battery makers have also provided booths. Among them, Daeyoung Chae was attracted to the 200kW grade rapid charger and 400kW grade charger.

In addition to the exhibition, various events were held such as electric cars of the year, 2030 tobacco transition 100 excellent corporate awards ceremony, policy discussion.

Kia EV6 has named Kia EV6 in the year’s electric car this year. EV6 receives the highest score from a professional judging committee and the consumer assessment team, Tesla model Y, Hyundai Motor 5 · Genesis GV60 · Porsche Taican Cross Turismo · BMW IX · Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ AMG · Audi E-Tron GT · Paul Star Paul Star 2 was summed up.

“EV6 has been recognized in the world,” EV6 recently emphasized the productivity in the world, including “EV6”, “EV6 recently emphasized that” EV6 recently emphasized “the first time in the world” in the first time in the year of the year. “

2030 MOUTH OFF OF THE CEO In 100 excellent enterprises, Wonju Citizen Cooperative and Lotte Rentals were selected.

In the policy discussion, we have followed several announcements, such as Kupang Shipping – Function Strategy ▲ Changpong Shipping, and Lotte Rent Rental Mahain Cooperative, Lotte Rental, and future electric car technology and prospects were also introduced.

The Ministry of Environment hosted by the Ministry of Environment, Korea Battery Industry Association, COEX, and XEV Trend Korea, which is held as a Seoul city, is held until 19th.

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