How to get to the chest surrounded by bombs in the chaos sanctuary

Bombs in Final Fantasy strike, especially at the beginning of the game. They can be stunned with a sufficient number of combo abilities or combat abilities, and they can even be caught by surprise in the chaos sanctuary. The treasure in the corridor will quickly attract the player’s attention, but there are other paths for which you can go.

Choosing an alternative route

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Just by The first bomb in the corridor on the right there is a walkway where players can fight with goblines. Destruction of darkness that creates them, also lands the path that passes by the first set of bombs in the corridor. Continuing ahead instead of going to the left, will lead to more goblins and more darkness where players can build another bridge that leads to the end. Behind Bombs and cubic . Cactoir will also appear for prey immediately after the second bridge, but it has a chance to escape.

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Weak sides of the bomb

After rest on Cube Players can either catch bombs surprise from behind with any equipment that they have, either open a chest at the wall of fire. It unlocks magic , and with it and the magic of water. Holding the ability to action button and charge it to unleash Waterga Quickly deal with the bomb and goblin in the corridor.

Alternatively, the work of the swordsman has interception , the ability that automatically blocks the incoming damage once and responds with an attack. This is especially useful, since magic attacks cannot be completely blocked, unless this is not the shield of the soul. The swordsman is also useful and causes a good damage along the area.

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