How to unlock all expert professions in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an extensive game in which you can choose from 28 different tasks. Every business is played in his own way, and the development of them all is the fascinating part of the game. However, if you want to use them all, you will need to unlock the work of the expert.

All expert tasks in Stranger of Paradise and how to unlock them

Unlocking expert tasks will take a little time, as you must first fully Basic vacancies using Tree positions . Fully align them to unlock Advanced tasks .

Here is a complete list of advanced tasks and ways to unlock them:

  • Ninja : thief and samurai

How To Unlock Warrior In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins
* Killer : Monk and thief
* Liberator : Warrior and Dragun
* Dark knight : black magician, warrior and berserk
* Void Knight : Red Mag and Knight
* Paladin : White Mag and Knight
* sage : black magician and white magician
* tyrant : red magician and monk

  • Switch : Berserk, Samurai and Dragun
  • Cyclic Warrior : Complete the main story

Except Cyclic Warrior You can reach the end of the game with most of these classes.

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