Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide: Tips, Tips and Where To Start

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is the new Action RPG of Square Enix and Team Ninja, available now on PlayStation 5 and PS4. Although it is insufficient in some areas, we think it reaches it roughly with its fun fight, attributing to the game a 6/10 in our Stranger of Paradise test: Final Fantasy Origin PS5 .

The game can sometimes be difficult, but we spent forty hours with it, bringing together a range of essential tips and tricks to help all the potential warriors needing a hand. This foreign guide of paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is there to help you, quirks of the combat system how to approach some of the bosses. Consider this as a startup pack for those of you who seek to be a little more prepared in their fight against chaos.

* Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Original Guide: * Basics, Combat and Getting Started

In this section of our foreign guide of paradise: Final Fantasy Origin We will review some of the bases to give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the game.

Is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a game of souls?

Stranger of Paradise is not a Soulslike , despite what much of the media threshing before the exit in some circles would like you to believe. It is an action role play in the third person who sometimes has shortcuts, and that’s about where the similarities with the Souls series end. As such, you should not necessarily tackle this with the same caution as you would for a game souls – it can sometimes be difficult, but there is virtually no punishment for death, so continue, be aggressive Do not be afraid of experimenting, and do not think you have to go back to a checkpoint to rest if you have no more potions and your health decreases.

Basic commands

At the beginning of the game, there is a tutorial that can be replayed if necessary and that will help you understand the basic mechanisms of the battle in foreign paradise .

  • ESQUIVE is mapped on X and is an essential skill that will leave you briefly invincible when you rush to avoid an enemy attack.
  • Blocking is obtained by now L1, and it will cancel most if all incoming damage unless the attack is immarkable.
  • Soul shield allows you to capture an enemy spell entering circle now. Once you captured a spell, you can keep it and use it at any time by pressing Square, but you can only capture the spells highlighted in purple while the enemy charges them.
  • Attack is mapped on R1, and all jobs and weapons play about the same way. You repeatedly press R1 to attack, and as you attack, your MP gauge fills up.
  • Skills Requires the use of MP. Each job has its own skill on R2, some of which are more useful than others, but you can also press R2 at the end of a combo to use a combo finisher – these skills do more damage, but they require mp to use.

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Break and MP

Soul Bursts generally involve a lot of red crystals and a dead monster

Two key elements of the fight in abroad of paradise: Final Fantasy Origin are break and deputy . Below, we explain what each of these means.


Breaking enemies is the key to the battle in stranger paradise . If you reduce the break gauge of an enemy to zero, it will collapse on the ground and you can complete it by pressing the Circle button in an action known as Soul Explosion . But breaking the enemies is not just about completing them more quickly than reducing their health in a conventional way – if you finish an enemy with a soul explosion your maximum Member increases slightly, and more MP You have, the more you have any options in combat. You should always aim to complete the enemies in rupture as far as possible.


MP is your most important product in foreign paradise . Although you can hit R1 to perform attack combos all day, they are the biggest skills on R2 that will really hamme your enemies and do a quick job of their breakdown gauge. These skills require deputy to use, and so it goes without saying that the more MP, the more fatal you will be fatal. As we have already mentioned, you should aim to break your enemies to build your deputy Reserves.

You will lose deputy when you die. Losing Deputy When Death means that BOSS fights in particular can become more difficult for each successive death.

Once you have found a boss, you may need one or two attempts to feel it – the timing of its attacks, speed, aggression, etc. But these dead will reduce your deputy to the two standard bars, and so we found that it was useful, as far as possible, to withdraw from the final checkpoint to eliminate some of the enemies of The cannon flesh and build the deputies ** The bars date back before returning to fight the boss.

booty and equipment

Equip your higher level equipment rarely allows you to look cool

When you manage to defeat a boss in stranger of paradise they will cover the soil of the arena with booty . You can also find booty throughout each level of coffers and when Overcoming regular enemies . This booty is random and will be about the dungeon level in which you are currently. The enemies can drop weapons, armor or sometimes potions .

How does the booty work in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

If you have a level 1 sword and get a level 10 sword, it is essentially the same weapon, but with higher statistics. Some weapons and armor are unlocking special skills, and some weapons are impregnated with an element, which means that you can make lightning damage, for example, whenever you hit. The short version, however, is that for all the booty you pick up during your trip at each level, you’d better equip all the highest levels of level. This is not a complicated system at all, and there is not much room for interpretation here.

The armor also changes your appearance, so if you are the type of player who loves that the members of his group look cool, then you must be aware that your highest level equipment will rarely form a set. If you want an outfit that goes, then you will definitely have to sacrifice a little power.

The last thing to pay attention to the equipment is professional affinity. Often, a piece of armor will come with an affinity for a certain work. Let’s say you have a hat that has 20% affinity with white mage. If you also have a nice pair of pants with 20% White Mage affinity, then overall, you have 40% affinity White Mage. Every job comes with bonus benefits that are unlock at certain levels of affinity, so if you wish, you can try to match all the equipment you have with the same affinity, but we have rarely found that these unlocks were worthwhile, and are mainly went with the highest level equipment for statistics boosts.


You can level several jobs at the same time

You must pay attention to two levels: Your The level of use and your equipment level . Below we will explain what each of these means means.

The level of employment

The level of employment is the level you have improved a specific class in the game, and the higher the level, the more skills you can use and the more the statistics you will have while you will use this work will be high. The simple fact of being in combat will improve the work you use, but it will also slowly increase the work for which you have affinity with worn objects.

This means that you can still upgrade multiple jobs at the same time, and you should always target it. Although you may not be interested in, say, the work of Mage, you may be interested in Dark Knight, and one of the requirements for unlocking this class is to mount enough mage level to unlock black mage, and then mount enough black mage level to unlock Dark Knight. You should look in the task tree which tasks unlock which other tasks, to know which you need to create.

Works Can reach the level 30 (until you have finished the game and unlocked Chaos mode ) and each has its own skill tree including new attacks, statistics enhancements and Other classroom unlocks. At the beginning of the game, you have a handful of basic jobs at your disposal, but soon you will unlock advanced jobs and later experts, who can only be released by devoting enough time to two or three classes of first, or using a special element called a luster of anima .

The level of employment is important to keep an eye on, and you should not assume that advanced work is necessarily better than basic work without taking the level of employment in account. For example, while Sage is the upper level magic work in the game, a level 30 white mage will be more useful than a level 1 sage because of the increases in statistics and skills you have unlocked by winning these thirty levels. It is useful to have a high level work and another on which you work at the same time – in this way, you can always bring big cannons if you have trouble.

The last thing you need to know about the upgrade of jobs is the use of flashes of anima . Most of the games of the game will reward you with an anima luster or two in the end, and these objects are used to instantly apply a lot of experience points to a work of your choice. Although it can be tempting to use them immediately to boost your current work, your better bet here is to use them on a job you do not equip but that you have to go upgrad to unlock a future advanced level work or expert. Anima chips can reduce considerably, or even delete entirely, the time you will need to play a job that does not interest you just to unlock one that concerns you.


Do not pay too much attention to the recommended level for missions. This refers to your equipment level . This is the average level of weapons and armor you are equipped. For the recommended equipment level for a mission, you will be almost always undergrave. However, as long as you can kill some enemies before dying in a mission, you will collect enough booty to improve your equipment level and if you repeat this several times, you will be up to this Whether you should be without having to spend hours playing tedious secondary missions to get your equipment up.

We regularly did missions with a recommended level eight or…

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