Final Fantasy 14: On April 1, 2022 there is new information about patch 6.1

Patch 6.1 “Newfound Adventure” for Final Fantasy 14 moves closer to big steps. On April 1, 2022, producer and director Naoki Yoshida will therefore take the time for ** another of his live letters, in which again in detail talks about the contents of the update. In addition to new information, we are expected to be present for the first time video material from the patch and probably the trailer.

The program will once again be held in Japanese and contain some English blinds. At the same time, however, on the Final Fantasy 14 SubReddit Discord is always a translation of the program to take place. If you want to live live, you will have to stop past April 1 at 13:00 (CET) on the official Twitch channel of Final Fantasy 14 (Buy 25,98 € now).

Patch 6.1 “Newfound Adventure”

Patch 6.1 uses a new chapter in the history of Final Fantasy 14. After the story is completed by zodiark and hydaelyn with endwalker, a completely new adventure will begin with the main scenario . What this will turn, is not yet known at the moment. With “Tatarus Great Procurement” and “Omega: Beyond the Rift” will begin other quest series. We can also look forward to seeing you again with Hildebrand .

Do This Before FFXIV Patch 6.1

Of course, patch 6.1 will also offer a lot of new playful content. While in the new 24-Raid “The Myths Eorzeas” once again comfortably equipped your second classes, the extreme version of the struggle against the Endsinger will already offer a greater challenge. Again, it becomes more difficult to approach the new ultimate exam “Dragon War (fatal)” . Patch 6.1 should appear in mid-April . An exact date is not yet known.

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