Holstein Kiels Pichler after negative run: “need action”

In addition to Corona, Konstanz is a big topic at KSV Holstein. Lastly, there were four defeats in series, after seven counters were previously collected from three games. Only four Counters advantage before the relegation place has the team of coach Marcel Rapp, whose balance after his entry on October 1 is now completely balanced – six victories, six defeats, five draws.

Hammerhartes program in April

No wonder it is that given this table situation – and the remaining program with April games against Darmstadt, HSV, Dresden, Heidenheim and Bremen – striker Benedikt Pichler against the Schanzer a “six-point game” exclaims. Anonymous will be that the North Germans once again play zero, or like Pichler says, “We want to take the back with man and mouse.”

I had a phase in which I did not have so many goalkeepers.

Benedict Pichler

In the interview on the website of the association, the 24-year-old Austrian also describes how to jump out in the forward gear. “Determination” demands the Seven-Tore Man of the Kieler and also refers to himself. “I had a phase in which I did not have so many goalkeepers,” says Pichler about the lull from the 19th to the 24th match day, but therefore does not worry. “For a striker, that’s just like that. But I am glad that it worked against Paderborn and the assist against Rostock again.”

Pichler demands “deeds”

Now lack the team success and this should be forced against undertaking Ingolstadt. “It’s about a lot for you,” says Pichler, “but you have to remember the place that it goes for us even more, that we bring the percentage more in the place.” With a threesome, the keels could be calmed down into the country break, marriage for them the Hammer harde April is pausing. “Tatten, we needed to do that’s what’s going on,” the attacker unequivocally states.

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