How to use Narve Oparyn – Triangle Strategic Unit Guide

Narve Oparyn joins your triangle strategy team through the “character stories” if your facilities and moral beliefs coincide with it . When they do it, perhaps he will see the same thing in Sinea as in his late grandfather, the Archmage Grandante. In any case, he will join the case, and we hope that on the way he will be able to restore the lost history of the archman.

That’s how to use Narva – Once again, grandson of the Archmag of Grandante – to be clear.

Battle Strategies for Narve Oparyn

Narva is incredibly useful to have a close when he is included in the first half of the game – his sanctuary The ability is able to heal up to five union units within reach – the ability that was not even at the gylish when it was recruited. But Narva specializes in the magic of every element. In particular, it is his Magic of the wind, which will reorienting several opponents before him so that they are addressed to you with your back . Use this tactics in battle to perform attacks in the back and earn glory.

How to use Narve Oparyn in Triangle Strategy – Sage class guide
You can also freeze the land with your ice magic, then ask the Korentine to use the Ice Tomb to apply a big damage to all opponents standing on ice. And as soon as Nar will learn the burn, he will be able to align the land if there is something flammable or someone shed a jug with oil. In addition, he can be the first unit that you will get, which will know the spark, a very powerful lightning attack, which has a chance paralyzing enemies **.

Promotion of classes and improving weapons

The first rank of Narva’s arms allows to increase damage from ice magic and fire. Select, depending on what you need for the battle. The same applies to the magic of wind and thunder, when you reach the second rank of weapons, so make decisions based on the expected weaknesses of your enemies .

When you improve Narva to the third rank of weapons, it will get an impressive mysterious beam the ability that damage the enemies of non-elementary magic in six consecutive squares, but also “gives health to allies in its path.” These advanced abilities require a significant amount of turn points, so Miguel must be close to support its large number TP. However, as soon as Narr reaches an elite class, its attack range will increase using the passive ability to “expand reach.”

Narva’s protection statistics are not the best , so improve it on the first and second rank of weapons and enhance it in battle, equipping it well-selected magical or reinforcing accessories. But you can not deny that the comprehensive magical abilities of Narva apply the whole range of terrain effects, and he will be next to you as a last resort with its healing abilities. And his devotion of memory of the late Archmag is very touching.

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