Sternige criticism and neymar: PSG

Superstar Neymar has allegedly completed with Paris Saint-Germain. In any case, that claims a journalist of RMC Sport.

“Neymar hardly trains, he comes in a miserable state, shortly before being drunk. That’s the way it is, Neymar is in the spirit of PSG’s revenge, there is a total break with the club and the cabin,” said the French Journalist Daniel Riolo the Spanish radio station EL LARGUERO.

Neymar was after the Champions League out of Real Madrid (1: 3) during the subsequent home game in Ligue 1 against Girondins Bordeaux had been bad out of its own fans. PSG teammate Lionel Messi also got the dismays of his own attachment.

According to Journalist Riolo, the PSG fans “a dirt around Neymars Eskapaden” scissors how the reporter said the radio station After Foot. At the same time Riolo demanded Neymar’s finish. “If he does not work, he ruined the club.” Therefore, Riolo comes to the end: “You have to sign his check and let him go. He judges a lot of damage in the club.”

Neymar had already reported to the whistles: “There were complicated days and weeks for us. We did not want to lose. We are not there for that. We did not plan that. On the contrary, we have given us, committed to us Titled to strive for it! “

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The contract of the 30-year-old at Paris is still running until 2025. Most recently, he had in the fomeno-podcast with a change to the MLS Geliebugel, because you have three months vacation in the year.

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