Nexon, Counter Side Service 777th Anniversary Conducting Live Broadcasting

[Data provided: Nexon]

\ – 24 days at 6:00 pm Battow “Rani”, Park Sang-yeon PD Starring on Broadcast

[Counter Side] Urban fantasy harem of pretty girls Wearing attractive underwear, panty, gatherbelt

\ – Pray with the time to colleaction of users’ opinions, scheduled new content line disclosure

\ – 22 days in the update of character balance adjustment and new character ‘Cryress Miya’ Add

Nexon said today (23 days) today (23 days) today (23 days) of the Studio Bioside developed and carried out the 777th commemorative live broadcasting of the Uran Fantasy RPG to service.

On the 24th, the “Live in Counter: Side” broadcast on the official YouTube on the afternoon of the “Live in Counter: Side” broadcast on the “Counter Side> do. In particular, this broadcast will have the time to have a time to converge and develop their opinions as mainly in real time.

Nexon paid a ‘777th commemorative SSR temple option of’ 777th commemorative SSR temple ‘, which allows you to win updates on the 22nd, and acquire the desired temple for the entire users.

In addition, the performance of characters to provide a more pleasant play environment. “Storm Bring Geek”, which showed some somewhat sorry, “Storm Bring Geek”, “Arahan Zoo Yun”, and down the performance of the SSR rating temple ‘Goliath’. In the case of the recently added ‘Goliath’, it was measured to enforce selective recall, and to be refunded with goods used for cultivation.

In addition, in addition to the editing and streaming of ‘Hartberries’, the Crystal Miya’ character is presented and started ‘Divulation’ in the second quarter of 2022. Popular teams have opened the event episode “Horizon Finance” to deal with the story of ‘Horizon Finance’ and ‘For you who did not cry’ and special events ‘island’

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