Following Zelda Breath of the Wild delayed in the spring of 2023

It is a staging that we hoped not to see again and yet: as was the case at the time of the first component, Eiji Aonuma came back to the camera again to formalize the delay of the next episode of Zelda On Switch. The game that will have the heavy task of succeeding at Breath of the Wild rocks in the spring of 2023, to leave more time to the teams to refine the project.

In this short video address posted for the occasion, the producer of the series implores players to be patient. The team chose “_Detending the development time of the game”, recalling that this suite is always larger than expected by offering a field of exploration that goes beyond the horizons of the previous episode. “_The meeting of this episode will not only take place on the land of the previous game but also in the heavens that overlook it”, reminds Eiji aonuma echoing the trailer broadcast at the E3 of 2021. “_Hependent this World also opens up new horizons and rest assured that it offers you a lot of surprises “.

In any case, it will be necessary to take his trouble in patience, and rethink with this old quote from Shigeru Miyamoto (or Pipomantis): “ A delayed game may be good one day; a bad game out of hasty will always be bad.

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Delay To 2023 Means WHAT?!
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