Best Morticulturalist Build in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands: skills, attributes and more

One of the best multi-classes in which you can be Tiny Tinas Wunderland is morticulturalist. Morticulturalist, for those who do not know is if you have Graveborn and Spore Warden MulticLassen. MultiClassing will be available from Level 15, which offers many possibilities. MultiClassing is about 30 different combinations for building your class. Here is the best morticulturalist build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Best Morticulturalist Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Both the Graveborn and the Spore Warden are very powerful for themselves, but together they are almost unstoppable. Morticulturalist is an extremely powerful multiclet when it is properly planned. There are a few ways to maximize your build, but the most effective way is to do it focus on your companions and your health .

It does not matter if you started as a Spore Warden or Graveborn, there are you Specific Skills You want to focus on it. You should avoid all the skills that have to do with the magazine scatters, critical hits and spells until they have exhausted the following skills:

  • Spore Guard
      • Hunting Bounty – Skill-cooldown to Kills
    • Related heart – Health and damage of companions
    • Affinity – Skill damage
    • Spore cloud – Gift cloud by Mushroom Companion
    • Heilpilz – Mushroom Companion can be revived
  • Grabborn
      • mortal vessel – Maximum health and efficiency of dark magic
    • Loyalty of serfs – Increased damage per companion
    • bloody sacrament – regenerate in the work of magic health
    • Harvest – Companions cause damage due to dark magic
    • Screensbund – Damage is directed against Demi-Lich
    • Dark Hydra – Summon Dark Hydra at Kills
    • Punishment – Improves the attack of Demi-Lich

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The ability you want to equip is Say victims . This capability takes you life, but adds incredible damage to everything around you. If you maximize these skills, your companions become extremely powerful while they strengthen themselves. You can also use your ability for more health with dark magic.

Of course, select the right one Hero statistics is also important. As you use your ability so often and consume your health to cause more and more damage, put all your skills in mood and constitution . The higher your constitution, the more damage dire Sacrifice and the harder it will kill you. A high attunement means that you can use your Dire Sacrifice very often with such a quick cooldown.

And so you build the best morticulturalist in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Further information can be found in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Guides.

Tiny Tinas Wunderland is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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