The BBQ project becomes the AK project and migrates on consoles

In distant highlights, as part of the G-Star 2018 of Busan, South Korea, Neople and Nexon announced the development of project BBQ . The title promptly aroused a certain craze on the part of the players, both for his graphics anime rather neat, his particularly dynamic gameplay and his universe inspired by that of Dungeon Fighter Online , extremely popular in Korea – the game was Little or prou presented as a Dungeon Fighter Online in open world.

It was in 2018 and if not a new trailer broadcast in 2020 (below), the BBQ project has been very discreet for a few years. The project emerges from the shadow today during a recruitment campaign showing a name change: the game now becomes the Project AK and if we believe the offers d ‘Jobs published by the developer, he would now take the form of an Soul-like to be distributed on consoles – the initial project was announced on PC (job offers always mention a Steam version).

Obviously, the initial version was unconvincing (in any case not enough to justify an intense communication of the developer) and is therefore the subject of a reorientation. However, the original BBQ project already claimed an action gameplay and already had to confront players at bosses as part of instantiated dungeons. Obviously, it is this approach that will now be more specifically valued in the Project AK.

Powerpoint m2 project part 1

Overview of MMO Action Project BBQ

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