World of Warcraft Classic: the best levels of horde leveling

Level for Horde is simple and, in some ways, quite boring if you like to see a lot of different landscapes. Each race begins in its departure zone and has no choice after: you will find yourself in the Tarides (10-33) unless you are dead-alive, in which case you can easily get to the forest of Pins-Silver. (10-20) instead and then head to the Tarides.

World of Warcraft Classic: the best levels of horde leveling

It is both a blessing and a curse. This facilitates things when planning the road to upgrade your character. You start at first and go to the Tarides. If you are bored, plunge a little in SilverPine, then in the Tarides.

After approximately level 12, you also want to venture into the StonetaLon mountains (14-30). This gives you three level options overlapping to jump and keep things a little cooler instead of just orange desert all the time.

It is interesting to note that the Barrens and Stonetalon mountains are somehow technically contested areas. There are alliance or neutral quests in both areas. Do not worry, however, when upgrading your low level character. The chances of seeing a member of the opposing faction in one of these areas are thin, regardless of his technicality.

While the restricted number of areas controlled by the Horde may seem a little disappointing, do not worry: what is missing from the horde in several territories they compensate for several dungeons.

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The Alliance has access to deadines and storage, and that’s pretty much everything for low-level dungeons, unless it wants to invade the territory of the Horde to get looted.

On the other hand, the horde swimming practically with low-level dungeons: the Dungeons of Shadowfang, Ragefire Chasm (in Orgrimmar) and Lamentation Caverns are accessible to young people with half at the end of adolescence, and give all a loot. Decent and experience.

This means what you are missing in a variety of areas you catch in a variety of dungeons, which you can use to complete upgrade and equipment whenever you have enough quests.

You will end up exceeding areas controlled by the Horde and will have to venture into disputed areas, which is a whole new match.

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