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If you read our review of Borderlands 3, so you basically read our criticism of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, only this game is not as good. We do it just again with different words, and we are a little more tired this time. Nothing important has changed between the two games. The budget is lower, clearly, and the Level Design is less good, almost objectively. Oh, and he wears a sorcerer’s hat this time. Apart from this, it’s just another Borderlands game, and this is just another review of Borderlands.

Borderlands is Borderlands is Borderlands. You will walk by pulling things in the face and you will collect loot mountains for the most part useless. The fight will be fun but not too fun, and it’s going to be even more fun if you play with friends. All that previously applied applies again, only there are some important problems with the game that prevents it from being a worthy follow-up of the previous game.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a spin-off designed as a table role-playing game at the Dungeons and Dragons, with the return character Tiny Tina as master of the dungeon and the action that takes place in the imagination of the players. This should be an opportunity to be creative and bring the series into a new exciting territory, but it is essentially in Borderlands with some jokes on dice.

For the non-initiates, the holder Tiny Tina is a disturbed child in the Borderlands universe that speaks in exaggerated familiar expressions of teenager and likes to blow things up; A joke of a note that broke out during his small role in Borderlands 2, and only became more tiring with age. It is like a metaphor that works, speaks and screams for the series as a whole, and its promotion of boring secondary character with boring main character is of doubtful merit.

Each new game of the series has been more controversial than the previous one, largely thanks to the patented Borderlands Humor ™ system. This series desperately wants you to make you laugh. It must. He has an irresistible desire that he can not assert. Wonderlands does not have so many jokes with configurations and punchlines, and opts rather so that the characters shout strange things while the game smiles maniac to let you know that you are supposed to laugh, hoping you are going capitulate by pure embarrassment if nothing else.

Humor is an incredibly subjective thing; While we were sitting like Will Smith at a concert of Chris Rock while Tiny Tina proudly announces that the queen of the game is a magic horse named “Butt Stallion”, we are sure that there is someone who thinks the Ass Horse is the gold of comedy. How much you appreciate the wonderland countries of Tiny Tina will depend in part if you cringe with gags or if you laugh, and if you are in the latter camp, you can just add a point on the score at the bottom of this magazine.

As far as we would like to see Tiny Tina attached to a rocket and pulled towards the sun, it’s the writing that is problematic rather than performance. The merit returns to Ashley Burch, who captures the role by the skin of the neck and gives it everything, and all the ray qualities of Tina are surely due to it rather than the scenario. The rest of the vocal distribution is equally strong and too good for this game, very honestly, with talents such as Will Arnett as a bad Dragon Lord and another adventurer expressed by Wanda Sykes – maybe better known for his Passage as one of Larry David’s many Foils in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Wonderlands works almost the same way as any traditional Borderlands game, some differences. The gameplay is fundamentally identical to Borderlands 3, only classes have received more fanciful names like Brr-Zerker and Graverborn. You now have magic spells mapped on L1, but it’s basically only great movements that you can collect and equip like any other booty, and the focus is more on combat with body to body, which is a welcome idea but a largely unsatisfactory experience. Apart from this is your standard Borderlands rate, for better and for worse.

For what it goes, we think that the basic gameplay here is very fun, and find a new fate or a fantastic weapon gives us this little dopamine push that is worth it. Boss’s fighting, in particular, are exciting and properly grandiose. What is not fun, it is the design of the mission, who suffers from a lot of repetitions and a lot of filling, and if we felt cynical, we may suggest that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands began his life as A much smaller game and has been padded to sell it at a high price. It may be true, maybe not, but the result remains the same.

Rather than taking place in a series of large interconnected areas of the open world in the manner of previous adventures of Borderlands, Wonderlands is divided into smaller levels accessible via a totally superfluous overmould. When you explore the outside world, you just walk in a view from top to bottom of a mission marker to another, resolving occasionally banal riddles and frequently discovering that you are too low for your next history mission And you must die in a doctor nearby. This happens again and again.

Once in these dungeons you pull on a wave of enemies in a small arena, then start again, then start again. Once you have done that, if you are at the right level for your next story mission, you can move on, and if it is not, you can simply grind a little more. If they had rationalized everything and presented the missions of history in a linear way, we would have more ease to recommend Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, but that represents six or seven hours of content dragged for about fifteen hours.


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands retains shooting gameplay and intrinsically entertaining looting for which the Borderlands series is known, but you are often prevented from taking advantage of repetitive missions, tedious work, padding and relentless need for the game. to be funny. His characters are not silent, frequently stops you to play so that he can execute another senseless comic routine that goes out molly and embarrassing like a deflated corpse, at the end of the decomposition gases on the air of ” DAH! »

  • Borderlands is always fun to play
  • Fantasy establishing a welcome change
  • Boss fights are a strong moment
  • Humor, if you like it
  • It’s just more Borderlands

  • Mission design without inspiration

  • Humor Non-Stop and squeaking
  • Unnecessary overseas sections
  • The booty system needs a revision
  • It’s just more Borderlands

Not bad 6/10

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