Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, OSSU Necropolis dice locations

Find out all Ossu-Gol necropolis dice locations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They are very important to increase your chance to acquire legendary weapons!

All locations of dice and other collectibles

To be the most efficient possible we have made you a complete card of the Ossul Gol necropolis with visible properties locations. A number associated with them for you to discover in detail below in the article how to get them easily.

Dice available from the entrance to the Ossu-Gol necropolis area

1 A first die

From the entrance of the area on a height platform is the first die.

It is easily visible and will be easy to reach.

2 on the way to your right

Just pursue the way to find the second die.

3 the die on the watchtower

On a watchtower on the right of the entrance to the necropolis is a die.

Just take the ladder to access it.

4 on the way before the ladder

Wait a few moments before entering the necropolis, one die between two scales.

The dice in the main speaker of the Ossu-Gol necropolis of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

5 directly to the left of the entrance

Easily visible, one die awaits you on a scaffold to the left of the entrance of the necropolis.

It is easily accessible without problems.

6 a die the opposite of the previous

Always in height, go directly to the right of the entrance of the necropolis along the wall where a die will wait for you.

7 A piece hidden in basement

More complex to flush out, it is at the ground level that a small opening suggests the glow of the die.

8 a perilous jump for a well hidden die

To reach this die, follow the red arrow of the image on the right.

You have to make a big jump from the platform where a large chest is to reach the die.

9 between two crates

Easily visible from it will not really make you problems barely hidden behind a wall and two crates.

10 Secret entrance of a ruined house

To reach this die, be attentive to a crack in the corner of a wall.

The die is not complex to acquire if we know where to look.

11 The dice of the tower

To reach the tower, jump on the platform to the right of the image and then directly on the tower.

A die is there inside.

12 Destroy a magic barrier

To access this die you will have to destroy a magic barrier by finding a mauve crystal.

For that go back, the crystal is a little further.

13 The return of the cache cache

Just like the number 9, this one is very little hidden between a few crates.

All the dice of the fleeting catacombs of Ossu-Gol

14 some easy jumps for this die

Not really hidden, this die is very easy to access on the path of the catacombs.

15 The return of the cache of the wall

On the way behind a muret is a new die. It is very easily accessible if you know are existence.

16 the de des columns on the left

Just before the elevator that allows you to get out of the catacombs on your left a new die.

The Triny Tina’s Wonderlands Tomb Dice

17 die at the exit of the catacombs

Behind the wall that blocks access to the tomb of the heroes and you forces you to go through the catacombs is a die.

18 a visible die on your left

Without being really hidden, a die is waiting for you on your left just after entering the tomb of heroes.

19 the piece of the piece of the pipe

To reach this die, simply walk on the hose present on the image.

You will have access to a small room where there is there.

20 one last die at the exit

Just before getting out of the area, look on your left in a little corner.

The last dice of the area awaits you.

All the pitches of Ossu-Gol scrolls

Once your last dice got, the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Ossu-Gol parchmin hunt is open! They are also needed to unblock 100%, here are all their locations.

1 Find a Secret Switch

To reach this first parchment, you will have to find a secret switch very well hidden.

Ossu-Gol Necropolis All 20 Lucky Dice Locations in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
To find it, look to the roof above the closed door.

Simply follow the cable that comes out to arrive at a small square platform.

Walk on to open the door, but be careful that only remains a short time.

2 magic barrier to destroy

Without being really hidden, you will need to find a switch to break the magic barrier that separates you from the parchment.

It is located oppositely visiblely.

3 a very easy access parchment

Not really hidden, this parchment is waiting for you on your left just before the entrance of the catacombs.

4 a parchment on the way

Without difficulty you will find on your left by exploring the catacombs this parchment.

5 parchment of the elevator

A little more complex to find, activate the elevator and jump to reach the last parchment of the ruins of Ossu-Gol.

The last remaining locations of Ossu-Gol

1 the pearl high perched

Hidden in a building height, you will find the first pearl of Ossu-Gol.

2 The Pearl of Sliding Sands

Be careful, to take this pearl you will have to avoid slipping in the sand on pain of having to redo around the area.

Last Challenge and Obelisk of the Area

You only have a few points of interest left to finish this area, courage they are not complex.

Speed Challenge, 3 Scrolls

When you arrive in front of this platform with 3 schemes and activate it, rays will project themselves into the sky.

Your goal is to reach green rays in order as soon as possible.

The obelisk of the catacombs

In the catacombs represented by an orange point is an obelisk.

Activate it to cope with monsters and completed the associated quest.

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