I decided to relax on the streets of the intercourse,

The government said that the government’s request is considered in some mitigation decisions.

Corona 19 Central Disaster Safety Measures The Headquarters has been published by 8 to 10 in the current 8 to 17 days, and the multi-use facility business hours were released at 23 o’clock to 23 o’clock.

Central Accidents Receiving Headquarters The Social Strategy Headquarters said, “In this regular briefing,” the opinions on the instrument was sufficiently concerned, and the opinions have been considering in consideration of each other. “

The day before the day, the newspaper was reported that the number of the acquisitions has been delivered to the government of 10 and 24 o’clock in the government, and after 3 weeks, it reported that the business hours were asked to abolish business hours.

The request of the acquisition to abolish the operating time limit after three weeks is that the request of the work time is 2 weeks, and the announcement and timestamp will be revealed to review the release of all measures, including business hours, private and massive events, except for indoor mask wear.

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The problem is that it is uncertain in the prefecture situation. Currently, the patients with the rewarding period were continuing to grow from 1,299 to 1,151, on December 29th last year.

Weekly deaths ▲ February 4, 541, February 2, 1,348 March 2, and 2,516 March 4, and 2,516 people continue to grow. Due to the analysis of the meaning, the dignity, death has not yet reached the vertex, and it was not possible to exclude the possibility of continuing growth.

In addition, the Omicron Delivery Ba.2 mutation, aka stealth Omiton is an opaque situation or whether it is constantly reduced by the stealth recruitment in the domestic premonized state.

Due to the daily recovery support committee, medical professionals have provided the opinion that conservative approaches needed to have conservative approaches, considering the intelligence, death, Ba.2, and medical care levels, and the like.

“Currently, the social strategy hall said,” Currently, the step-by-step relaxation is to minimize the impact of the occurrence of the waters of the wealth. “

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