Premier League: Does Roman Abramovich own more yachts than known?

Roman Abramovich apparently owns even more yachts known as so far. According to “Financial Times”, the owner of the FC Chelsea from the English Premier League are five yachts in the total value of almost a billion dollars.

These include the “Solaris” and the “Eclipse”, which together should be worth around $ 900 million. The Russian oligarch is also the owner of the “Halo” and the “Garcon”, which should cost an estimated $ 300 million, it says.

In addition, the British newspaper, Abramovich belongs to the “Sussurro”, which is currently in the port of La Ciotat in southern France. The value of this ship quantifies the “Financial Times” to eleven million dollars.

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Talkless dulls in the Mediterranean

The seemingly finish-riding dull rides of Abramovich’s yachts in the Mediterranean as well as some smaller incidents had recently caused headlines.

Abramovich himself could also be aim of a poisonous stop. This reported the “Wall Street Journal” in February, citing informed circles.

Abramovich, who has decided to sell his Chelsea shares, and two Ukrainian negotiators had been rejected after a meeting in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv “symptoms of suspected poisoning”.

A familiar Abramovichs said the “Wall Street Journal”, it was unclear who could stand behind the incident. Western experts could have no explanation for the symptoms.

According to media reports, Abramovich is involved in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

“That unfortunately actually occurred”

Ukraine War: Roman Abramovich 'suffered symptoms of suspected chemical weapons poisoning'
The three men suffered from the report under reduced eyes, painful tear flow and dissolving skin on face and hands.

The symptoms would have decreased again. “Unfortunately that did not take place,” said the informed source of the news agency “AFP”.

The sources of the “Wall Street Journal” suspect of the newspaper according to Hardliner in Moscow. These wanted to sabotage the talks between Russia and Ukraine for an end to Ukraine war.

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