The best legendary weapons and protective spells in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

As it is in Borderlands games, there are countless different objects that you can get for your builds, such as weapons, classmodifications, grenades, amulets and so on. In Wonderlands, the names of some complementary objects are named otherwise, but work practically the same. Here we go to some of the best legendary weapons and protective magic, which you can currently earn in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Best legendary weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Liquid cooling

The Liquid Cooling Skuligger pistol is a monster of a weapon. It is a critical machine and can serve infinitely lasting damage if you can maintain this critical hit well. It only occurs in the frost element, but it is one of the better elements in the game as it can slow down opponents and freeze completely. Frozen enemies are more susceptible to more harm, so continuing fire against frozen enemies with this already highly damaged pistol makes this pistol into an all-rounder.

UM To get this weapon, you can get it as a World Drop or by farming the enemy Ancient Obelisk – Lissia, Iron-Wrought – in the CRACKMAST COVE region.

Whistle of the wizard

The sorcerer whistle is an SMG that can occur in each element, but has a special ability in which they conjures elementary balls. These bullets shoot out of the weapon and correspond to the weakness of the current enemy they shoot, which makes them a versatile bullying and bossing weapon. His only weakness is that the projectiles that are shot out of the weapon are not a hitscan, making it harder to make movable or flying enemies.

This weapon can be purchased through the farms of the parasite boss in the tanglined direction region. You must complete the quest “Walk the Stalk” before you can fight against it.

Rubys despite

Ruby’s Spite is a pure dark magic pistol that fires a series of three crossbolts per shot in a conical area. It does not like the most attractive weapon, but these really shines when it comes to close bosses and enemies up close. The land every bolt per shot will serve serious damage.

This weapon can be purchased by defeating the enemy Monstrous Shroom Ancient Obelisk. It is located in WeepWild thanksgry.

Purple / Epic Rarity Frost X4 SMGS

For all fans of Borderlands 2 out there the Sandhawk is back as an epic weapon! Do not throw away all weapons during the entire campaign of the game, which are not legendary. If you stumble over these SMGs that have a “X4” in the number of money and cause frost damage, you will be surprised how strong these are really. Frost is a pretty versatile element, and shooting multiple pellets at the expense of a ammunition can easily freeze enemies. It is always a smart choice to have one of them. This violet weapon may not be legendary, but she is one of the best weapons in wonderland.

ES is not a real strategy to farm these SMGs because they have no dedicated drops. What you can do is to increase your praise or hopefully grab one from a vending machine, the chaos chambers or from the gold chest in Brighthoof.


The Crossblade is a blackpowder (or Jacobs-) shotgun that fires energy waves, similar to that of the Cutsman from Borderland 3. This shotgun, although indicated on the card that causes damage through dark magic, actually shoots two elementary floors. A projectile is dark magic while the other can be any other element. These projectiles are shot down in an X trajectory and are extremely powerful in dealing with MOBs when they are lined up.

This weapon can be acquired as a world drop, but has a much greater opportunity to drop through the defeat of Gloopathoth, a secret boss that can only be fought into the chaos chambers.

Blue cake

For all Borderlands 3 fans out there is the coveted Revenge of the Cartels Yellowcake! Now called blue cake, this fires a highly explosive, explosive projectile, which is divided into several projectiles on its trajectory. It causes massive damage, but is maximized when shooting to a distance in which the number of projectiles reaches their maximum. As far as we know, this seems to be in the Shock element, as it is strong against shields.

This weapon seems to be a drop in the chaos chambers.

Best legendary station

Antique diets

Another object that was inspired by Borderlands 3.
The Ancient Dietty is a sign / shield that is just like the old God from the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC this game.
There is 20% elementary resistance with a compromise of 20% more physical damage.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Legendary Weapons With Amazing Effects (Tiny Tina Wonderland Legendaries)
However, it gives you a buff for elementary damage depending on the element of the shield.
This is perhaps the best legendary station in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, but that does not mean that others are bad too.
This protection can be obtained by defeating Shara, the old Obelisk enemy in Karnok’s wall.
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is now available for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC via Epic Games.
A steam publication will be published as soon as the exclusive period has expired.
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