Genshin Impact Yelan Materials: Wie man alle Ascension

Version 2.6 of Genshin Impact is there and with its new leaks in relation to the new 5-star hydro-archer of the game Jelan , and its up-and-coming 4-star electric collar user KUKI Shinobu, popped up and revealed Not only their complete sets, but also their promotional materials. Against this background and to help all who can not wait for the arrival of the characters in version 2.7, you will find all ascension materials that are needed to bring Yelan to level 90.

Genhin Impact Yelan Materials: All Rise Materials needed to Level by Yelan

According to the latest leaks as well as the descriptions of Honey Impact and Project Amber, you can completely climb Yelan by using a total of 168 starconches, 18 recruits, 30 sergeant and 36 Lieutenant’s insignia than a total of 46 runic catches. You will also need 1 Varada Lazurite splitter, 9 varunada lazurite fragments, 9 varunada lazurite pieces, 6 varunada lazurite gems and 420,000 mora.

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On the other hand, to bring all its skills to level 10, you must spend a total of 18 Gilded Scales, 9 Teachings of Prosperity, 63 Guides to Prosperity, 114 Philosophies of Prosperity and 18 Recruits and 66 Sergeant’s, and 93 Insignia of the lieutenant. You also need to spend 3 Crowns of Insight and a total of 4,957,000 MORA.

Where to find all ascension materials

You can get the Runic Fangs by defeating the new Ruin Serpent boss of the chasm. The different types of varunada lazurite objects can be purchased by defeating normal and weekly bosses. You can get the prosperity books by completing the Taishan Mansion domain in the Juyun karst area.

The insignia, on the other hand, can be purchased by defeating many of the high-ranking FATUI agents scattered throughout Teyvat. Last but not least, you can get the Starconches by traveling to the shores that surround both the Guyun Stone Forest and Yaoguang Shoal. You can see below where you can find all Starconches in Genshin Impact, as you will be displayed on the official interactive map of the game:

Genshint Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 and Mobile Devices – Android and iOS.

  • This article was updated on 3rd April 2022

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