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After the launch of anillo de Elden, fromSoftware is at the top of the world. That said, while anillo de Elden can be the introduction for some to the Japanese study, it is far from being its first rodeo. For a while, he has been creating and throwing great games, including games like _ the souls of the demon_ the Almas dark, _Transmitted by blood and sekiro: shadows die twice. However, the story of him goes beyond his modern successes, and he did not always succeed after success. For example, in 2009, with the help of Microsoft Studios acting as editor, it launched _Espada Ninja, _ an action game that was launched through Xbox 360 and PC at an average of 68 and 61 in Metacritic, with scores that vary according to the platform. It was not a very good game, but that does not explain why he suddenly retired from Steam’s sale.

At the time of writing this, the game can no longer be purchased at the Digital PC store, and it is not clear why. There has not been any Declaration of fromSoftware on the subject, and all Steam notes are that the game was removed from the sale «at the request of the editor».

Usually, when a game is removed from the sale it is for a legal dispute between the developer and the publisher or by problems with the licenses. However, none of these usual suspects should be at stake here. And the game is for a single player, so this does not have anything to do with the servers either. It is random and it does not make any sense, but right now, it is all we know. We know that the game has been withdrawn from Steam’s sale, but we do not know why.

2022 Обход блокировки STEAM | Смена региона СТИМ
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