The unpublished show of PlayStation game appears online after more than 20 years

At the end of the 1990s, Crystal Dynamics and the editorial Eidos Interactive achieved significant success with the GEX franchise. The character showed up three important launches between 1995 and 1999, which appeared on several different platforms. In total, the series sold more than 15 million copies, but it disappeared completely after the launch of gex 3: deep cover gecko; However, now it seems that Crystal Dynamics had plans to continue the series shortly after. The user of YouTube JustZ00T has never uploaded a demonstration before view for _gex jr. an original playstation game that would have presented a younger version of the GECKO pet.

The show is quite short, but there are some interesting things that you can see (and listen to) in the video. The first gex the game was a 2D platform game, while subsequent delivery changed to 3D. Gex jr. clearly he would have continued that trend. The series also supported greatly in the parodies of pop culture. In only 30 seconds, gex jr. makes references to Who wants to be a millionaire? _ And _The empire counterattack, so clearly that it would also have been a major approach, once again. Readers can see the video embedded below. The actual demonstration was charged at and can be found right here.

Unfortunately, there is no real way to know why gex jr. was canceled, or how advanced the game was. Apparently, the demonstration is dated January 25, 2001. At that time, PS2 had already been available in North America for a few months. It is possible that the decrease in interest in the original PlayStation has influenced the cancellation of the game, but Crystal Dynamics has not addressed this discovery until the time of writing this article.

Square Enix took possession of the GEX franchise when he bought Eidos Interactive. While the series remains inactive, the editor presented a new trademark for the series at the end of 2021. It is unlikely gex jr. ever will see the daylight as an official launch, but maybe Square Enix re-visits the series somehow. For now, GEX fanatics will only have to wait and see!

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