Elden Ring: Thats why you should take the heaviest boss of the game with crowns

Whether bloody beginner or soulsborne veteran: at startup of elden ring are all the same. With his tricky fighting, it can unfortunately, it can happen that you even after reading our test and our extensive collection of tips and tricks to the role-playing game still bites into the grass.

Caution spoiler: In the following we talk about the heaviest boss of the game, which you will find only at the end of your trip. You do not want to know who it is about, you should not read more.

This is especially true if you are in the last section of the game and already Melania, sword of Miquella met. The red-haired walker is the horror of Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €) and is called by many players as the heaviest boss in the Zwerland. Her high damage combines with the ability to heal each other with everyone reached, most players send over the Jordan.

Why are jugs effectively against Melania?

To force Melania to my knees, you have to memorize your entire arsenal at attacks and make yourself as little as possible. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily enough to victory: Your spectacular jump attack called Water bird dance is not only extremely deadly, but also has a tremendous range. It is almost impossible to completely avoid him.

Of course, the Souls community can not be intimidated and has found another way away from superhuman reflections, how to fight Melania’s notorious death dance. The answer is just as simple as surprising: you have to apply them with crowds.

This has found out the reddit user toxicbird7 and shared a video by demonstrating the whole thing. The secret behind the effective strategy are not the jugs themselves, but the status effects . Melania is particularly prone to bleeding and frost , both of which can be triggered with the corresponding throwing crates.

If your Melania meets with the appropriate pitcher, the status effect ensures that your water bird dance is stopped and it falls to the ground. An effective way to protect themselves from their deadly attack. In addition, remember that Melania is not susceptible to all status effects. Due to their high resistance to decay, you can do the feathernis jug.

Unfortunately, the whole thing carries a problem: In Elyden Ring, opponents resisten ** against triggered status effects. If you have broken Melania twice with the Frostkrug twice, the next time it will not be a single pitcher to bring you again. Due to a higher tolerance against bleeding, it can even happen that only the first litter per fight breaks out its attack.

So keep two frosts and a blood jug ready and do not leave you more often than three times a battle to throw them out of the water bird dance with this method. If you do not have extreme bad luck, you should not use this attack much more frequently.

How do I get the said jugs?

So that you can make the frost and blood jug, you need the respective recipe books . For the frost jug, you travel to the house Caria, in the northwest of Liurnia . Drive down with the elevator from the place of grace on the upper floor, run straight ahead and jumps on the left to a castle roof. There she jumps back from the wooden planks.

Continue straight ahead until your links embedded by a archway. In this room is the recipe book of the shimmer stone craftsman [6], with which you can now produce frosts. For the blood mug we stay in Liurnia, but we go to the Rosenkirche, which is located a whole piece south of the Academy Raya Lucaria.

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There you then sack the recipe book of the Nomadian Warrior [12], with which you can now easily produce blood crushers. Note, however, that you need the object ritual jug for the jugs mentioned here, not the versions needed to produce fire bombs.

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