Emtech, a peaceful forest of peace promised with consumers

Domestic PC Professional and Korea’s Graphics Card Brand, Corporation (CEO: Lee) Lee, Emtechi (Representative: Lee Duk-soo), launched a redbit brand PC in August 2021. Correcting the Earth Environmental Pollution with Modern Society, Electromagnetic Wave and Various Industrial Substances, which has become a daily life at the time of the brand, At the same time that it is rewarding to plant trees, I said that I would practice ESG management with social obligations to have a corporation.

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Emtech has been promised to promise to consumers, a small but huge forest, which makes a small but huge forest, and on April 26, 1999, the Forest of Peace and Donation. In addition, as part of ESG management, 100% recycled material, forest stewardship coumcil (FSC) authentication mark, and EMEC is collected, and EMEC is collected, etc. I was working on the global environment that corresponds to E (Environmental).

On March 31, 2002, Emtech did not attend the planting of the trees by Corona Pan Demam, but in order to protect the promise of the consumer, some employees and some employees of Peace, It was said that it has created a forest of Peace of Emtec on the area of Hidgkon, which was a 0.2HA area, near the number of yarn waterfalls in the vicinity of the re-foundation waterfall.

Hut dogs are considered to be a good representative tree that absorbs the spring carbon, and Emtech is going to continue to enhance the forest of Emtech peace to enhance the carbon absorption capacity through hiddler’s cities for carbon neutral. In addition, the forests of Emtech Peace would be available for youth camps and educational programs.

Emtech ESG management, which started in August 2021, and the forest of Emtech Peace, which is composed of consumers with consumers through Redbird Brand PC. It was officially launched through the Nursery Day in 2022, and said he would have been able to be a huge forest through its steady ESG management and trust with consumers in the future.

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