Get $ 90 today discount on the external 2-TB

In a year, in which record releases already to be seen as the launch of Elden Ring and great titles such as Saints Row and Starfield on the horizon, they have to increase their storage space with an external SSD. This external 2-TB SSD by Western Digital Black not only saves you the tormenting dilemma to decide which games you want to keep and what games get into digital oblivion, but they also save 90 US dollars.

Based on an average file size of 36 GB per game, this SSD can save up to 50 games. In view of the size of some of the upcoming PS5 games, a chunky storage solution is required to make sure you have space to run them all, and with 33% discount this is one of the best external SSDs you will find the same.

It’s not just about the storage space. Loading your games from an external SSD can help you run faster, with accelerated speeds of up to 900 MB / s. This can help you to avoid long charging screens and painful delays in intense moments.

Whether you are an Xbox enthusiast or a PlayStation professional, you will find that this external WD-SSD works properly with the current and earlier GEN models of both consoles as well as with the PC. If you are part of the golden elite, which has both consoles and plays on the PC, you can use this as a memory for your entire cross-platform library.

I bought a $47

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This product is not any solid state drive, but one designed specifically for playing and running games, which means you get better performance than with many other models.

We do not know how long Amazon will keep this offer running, so do not hesitate when trying. Buy it today and you save $ 90; Buy it tomorrow and you may spend the full $ 269.99.

Take a look at our instructions on the best PS5 games and the best Xbox Series X games to get an idea of all the wonderful things that you could save on your external SSD.

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