All Currencies of the Endshpil in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a fantastic journey through the rich stories in the world Bunkers and Badasses. But as soon as the creators of fate end their quest and save the world, they will receive a new currency and Big Andim, who will have to go.

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In addition to gold, the only other currency, which is necessary to worry fate, are lunar spheres. These lunar spheres are opened at the end of the campaign and are used to enchant weapons and equipment.

The creators of fate can simultaneously hold up to 4000 lunar spheres. They are dumped by enemies in the chaos hall. To use them to enchant, the creators of fate should go to the blacksmith in a bright hoove or to the conception desk in the chaos hall. From there, they can fill with tea equipment or transfer chairs to gear until they find something that matches their assembly.

The pursuit of perfect spells can be expensive, but the lunar spheres are generously falling in the chaos hall. This is a fantastic improvement in comparison with other games in the Borderlands series, which allows players to really set up their assemblies.

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