Rice is power! “Sakuna Hime of Earthen” collaboration sake “Ahei is a strong power-strong power ~” April 19 release decision

Nexus is a Japanese-style action RPG “ Sakuna Hime ” and Tottori Prefecture’s collaboration of Tottori prefecture. We announced that we will start selling on the 19th.

In the brand of collaboration sake, we use Tottori’s long-established long-established and Nakagawa Sake-san. Only 1954, once production has been relied on Tottori’s unique vision of sake, it is sake that can be said to be a pronoun of the sake, which has been resurrected from seed rice that has less than 1 kg. The quality that brought up to 40% of the visionary rice is the mild rabin incense and the complex taste, and it takes advantage of the sweet and spicy cooking dishes of the red fish sashimi and soy sauce taste.

The original label made of Japanese paper uses the illustration of Sakunahime who works for the creation of rice in the landscape full of local landscape. It is a design that can be enjoyed by not only the tongue, such as the “Kakewa” and the original cosmetic box like the image of the rich rice and eight million gods, and the original makeup box like sake “powerful”.

“Amaho (Amaho) Hagu Kumi-strong power ~” will usually start selling regularly on April 19, 2022. In addition, reservation sales are already sold out.

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