Rumor: The new Need for Speed would be exclusive to new generation

It is easy to forget, but there is already a new Need for Speed in development. The news was confirmed during the EA Play Live of 2020 , and since then we have not known anything about it. Apparently, this title will come to our hands this year, and it seems that it will only be available for the new generation of consoles.

According to Jeff Grubb, venturebeat reporter, the next need for speed will only reach PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X | S , thus leaving behind the past generation. This game is being developed by Criterion Games , who apparently chose to leave PS4 and Xbox One ** to give it a higher quality to this future title.

Grubb Mention that this game should be doing its debut in November 2022, and he is practically sure that we will not see him in the previous consoles. Of course, although this insider is quite reliable, it is best to take this information with reservation until it has official confirmation.

Need for Speed 2022 is Next-Gen Only?!!
Editor’s note : Leave Back to PS4 and Xbox One sounds like a daring movement, but it also makes sense that criterion prefers to focus on the new consoles from now on. Perhaps the ambitions of this game are too high, and the only way to carry them out with the new generation of hardware.

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