Early access start of April 28 for Senno Shim “Sendo Monogatari” PC, which can also enjoy farming and fishing, Slowly Life

2P Games announced that the slowly life simulator “ Sendo Monogatari ” is to start early access from April 28, and published the Steam Store page.

Checking out a bit of My Dear Farm (Early Access)

This work is a simulation game that recovers a sectors who once took a sect, and to develop and expand villages on the stage of the fantasy world. Agriculture, fishing, collection of medicine, “ establishment group (Chikuki) ” “ CV (Gyo Maga) ” “ 獸 (お お) ” “ 11 You can also enjoy sacrificing training such as “(Rintan) . Also, various NPCs with independent behavioral style exist in various places, and their footprints can be found by new stories. And the request for Daily Quest comes from NPC.

There is a concept of seasonal and day-to-night concepts in the game, and the light and shadows change over time, and the screening of the season is classified into 24, and the delicate environmental change is also one of the attractions. In addition, it is possible to freely expand the farmland owned by yourself, and how to plant and grow crops depends on the player. By the above-mentioned Sennin training, you can learn the skills called Sengu Method and make more efficient cultivation. In addition, this work can be 100 kinds of style furniture and collected those materials and can be placed freely to your own house and placed it in their own house.

# # About early access

Early access is planned for about 12-18 months. In addition, full versions include new stories, subquests, seasons events, etc., and improvements in operability and UI. The purchase price is that the price is full version .

Sennin Slow Life Simulation “Sendo Monogatari” is scheduled to start early access from April 28 for PC (STeam).

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