Need for Speed 2022: PS4 and Xbox One versions canceled? New rumors

Need For Speed 2022 NOT RELEASING On PS4, Xbox One - RUMOR

Saga formerly respected, Need for Speed is only the shadow of herself in recent years, and every new episode for 10 years is hot and cold. The last episode dates back to 2019 and the next episode is cruelly waiting. If we know that it is the studio Criterion Games who board on it, the development had fallen behind because of a certain Battlefield 2042 which used many studios in reinforcement, for a disappointing result, it is reminded.. If Electronic Arts remains very discreet around Need for Speed 2022, some insiders about Jeff Grubb have decided to let go of some information, to make sure the conditional. It is indeed on the occasion of his show “grubbsnax” that the journalist claims to know that the game will see it well this year, in November 2022 very exactly. It also specifies that it will be an episode dedicated exclusively to the Next Gen ‘consoles’ PS5 and Xbox Series (in addition to the PC of course), since the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been purely and simply canceled. Regarding the playground, Jeff Grubb evokes the city of Miami, or something that looks like him, but he does not seem certain of him. He evokes wet tracks, night and with an underground side. Instead, wait more solid or official information to start talking in the affirmative.

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