Daizurun Director, Crystal Dynamics joined

Jeff Ross, director of Daizu Gon, joined the new design director of Crystal Dynamics.

Last June 6, Jeff Ross said that he was the epidemic of Crystal Dynamics on his Twitter. He is scheduled to join Crystal North West in Seattle this year, he said he did not mention what projects to be responsible for what project, but it is excited to join the team consisting of great people.

The project being developed in the Current Crystal Dying Mix is a Perfect Dark reboot that is developing with the Tomb Rauder Treatment and Di Initiatives released by State of Unreal 2022.

The context of the Crystal Dynamics is that after disclosing the Tomb Radar Task, and Jeff Ross was able to work immediately, it is likely to be able to work with the Tomb Rauder’s next work. However, in March, the main director of the Purt Dark Reboot left the company, remains a blank state, which is likely to work on this team.

Tomba Radar is a new start of the development of a small state of Tate of Unreal 2022. The game is under development with Unreal Engine 5, and it is a new dimension of Storytelling and High Quality Cinematic Action and Adventure Experience.

Meanwhile, Jeff Ross has been known to have been friction with Sony Interactive Entertainment, regarding the subsequent of Days Gon. At the time of launch, Days Gon is caught in various bug controversy, and achieves poor initial sales. As a result, the development of the subsequent work was canceled, and in relation to Regards, the writer John Garvin of Days Gon said, “If you did not purchase the game as a regular basis,” said it was a hot topic.

Jeff Ross also had a personal emotion that was disappointed in Sony’s Daewoo, despite the Sony’s Daewoo.

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