Schultz: Then we have to accept all

The excitement of the game occurred in the 58th minute. With a duel on the left, Bremens Felix AGU prevailed against St. Paulis Marcel Beifus. However, with the help of the hand. Agu then sends Leonardo Askcourt Steil, whose crossed Romano Schmid on the second post by head inside. There was Niclas Füllkrug, the scorer did not miss the chance and marked from a shortest distance the 1: 1 final score at the millennor.

The gate was checked, referee Florian Badstübner asked by his video assistants to look at the scene themselves. Badstübner, however, also remained according to the TV images in his opinion and gave the hits. “If he has seen it in this way and decided for themselves, then we all have to accept that,” Chef coach Timo Schultz is quoted on the FCSP website. “We have to live with it and will live with it.”

TikTok Q&A mit Romano Schmid

Schulz did not want to moor the missed threesome on this wrong decision. “We are going 1-0 in the lead and have also had one or the other chance more to make the result even more positive for us,” said Schultz. However, his team then “poorly played” the number of switching moments, which is why he did not show up with the result.

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