Stardew Valley fan finds after 500 hours of playtime super useful stroke

There are these titles in which the community also discovered new game mechanics or objects after years and again. Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes in the meaning or from software’s soulsborne games. But even in the indie area there are such games, especially Stardew Valley.

Have you ever heard of the car-patter? From the existence of this extremely practical item, a fan learned only after 500 hours during his fourth game passage.

That brings the car petter in Stardew Valley

In a reddit post, the_changinator shares the find with us, and the comments suggest that there are many who have discovered the car-petter very late in the game or even never. It is amazing that there are games that hide practical mechanics so well.

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But what makes the car-petter at all? The auto-patter is a patch machine of Joja Corp. For a good relationship with your animals you have to caress you regularly in Stardew Valley. Although the Item does not make the mechanics completely unnecessary, the satisfaction of animals in your stables but on a solid level.

How to get the Item: The Auto Petter was introduced at the beginning of last year with update 1.5. If you have played Stardew Valley before, there was not the object yet. There are several options to get to the Auto Petter:

STARDEW VALLEY Chill gameplay for relax or study - Full spring Year 1 | No commentary
* Complete the JOJA community project, then you can buy the car petter for 50,000g.
* Not enough money? Then you can also find the item in treasure chests in the skull cavetting.

Here you can see the new project of the Stardew Valley-Macher:

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There are even more obscure mechanics in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is full of such hidden features and small details. For example, you knew that you can recognize in the menu if you need an item for an order of the Community Center? It is this attention to detail, which makes the Farming-RPG today to one of the most successful indie titles at all.

Did you know from the automatic stroking function in Stardew Valley?

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