Steam competition for Elden Ring: New console remains the RPG

The steam deck is popular than expected. Valve’s new console is currently securing a top spot in the bestseller list and just just behind the RPG continuous burner Elden Ring.

Instead of the Switch: Steam Deck turned out to be a real bestseller

With the Steam Deck, Valve seems to have landed a real hit. The company could no longer save himself shortly after the starting signal in the summer of 2021 before pre-orders. And now Several PC players seem to want to buy the coveted switch alternative – this shows a look at the Steam bestseller.

There, the Steam Deck can secure the fourth place and thus ends just behind Elden Ring, the new Action RPG from fromSoftware (Source: Steam).

But why does the Steam Deck be so good? That should probably be on several reasons. Compared to other Switch alternatives for PC players, Valve’s handheld console has an extremely important advantage: It’s damn cheap . While the competition often demands 800 euros or even more for its products, the Steam deck is already available from 419 euros.

View Steam Deck directly at Steam

_More details about the steam deck is available in the Elden HEADLINES: _

Although this is still significantly more expensive than Nintendo Switch, for which hardware offered, it is still a real fighting price. Because in the steam deck no cheap components are installed. The small handheld console has achieved a lot on the box, so that even shooter such as Doom Eternal can be brought to run with around 60 fps .

_Brigen: Even Elden Ring runs on the Steam Deck: _

Elden Ring (Launch Edition) – [PC]

Now from 53,98 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 06.04.2022 16:58 clock

We try out Elden Ring on the Steam Deck
Another argument for the purchase of the Steam Deck is obvious: Steam. Because PC players can play several games that they already own on the online platform also on the Steam deck. A new purchase is not necessary. Who wants, can also use the console as a work tool by playing another Linux distribution as Steamos or Windows.

Anyone who has now licked blood and wants to hold the console in his hands, but must bring a lot of patience. Currently, Steam users can only register for reservations of all three models. The next order round should start after the third quarter 2022 , so at the earliest in October.

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