3 for 2: Games for PS4, PS5 & Xbox on offer at MediaMarkt and Saturn [Display]

Mediamarkt and Saturn have started actions in which you can buy three games for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series or PC and only pay two. The cheapest game you get gifts. The offer is valid for all games in the assortment that are immediately available. In contrast to the last time, when the two dealers started such an action, this time also includes Elden Ring with. Switch games, however, are not there again. Here you come to the overview:

  • Media market: 3 for 2 with games for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC
  • Saturn: 3 for 2 with games for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC

To get the discount, you only have to put three games together in the shopping cart. The price is then adjusted automatically. The actions are running in principle until 20 clock on April 20, the best deals could, of course, sold out seashore on this page built-in links are affiliate links. When buying these links, Xbox Series receives a small commission without impact on the price depending on the provider. In.

As always, such actions are worthwhile the most, if you choose three games, which are approximately equal at approximately the same and of course they are not much cheaper anyway anyway. Here are a few examples from the assortment:

  • Elden Ring for 64.99 € (PS4), 61.99 € (PS5) or 59.99 € (Xbox)
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderland for 65.99 € (PS4, or 62.99 € (Xbox One)
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderland: Next Level Edition (PS5) for 69.99 €
  • Gran Turismo 7 for 72.99 € (PS5) or 63.99 € (PS4)
  • Horizon Forbidden West (PS4) for 63,99 €
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS4, PS5, Xbox) for 34.99 €
  • Ghostwire Tokyo (PS5) for 67.99 €
  • Deathloop (PS5) for € 28.99
  • Forza Horizon (Xbox) 5 for 39,99 €
  • Halo Infinite (Xbox) for 39,99 €
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X) for 29.99 €
  • Scarlet Nexus for € 27.99 (Xbox) or 25,99 € (PS4, PS5)


At first released games, as always higher shipping costs fall from 4.99 euros. But these can be avoided if you order the games for a market in your proximity and pick them up there.

Media market: 3 for 2 with games for PS, PS5, Xbox and PC __

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