Ps vita wVITA “a little orphan,” recognizes an exdirectative of Sony

PLAYSTATION VITA is the lVITAt Sony portable console to date. Published at the end of 2011 in Japan and early 2012 in the rest of the world, it wVITA presented VITA a powerful, technologically advanced platform and with a multitude of possibilities for a decade in which the faces with Nintendo 3DS would be seen in the market. Sony, however, left the platform abandoned within a few years, an opinion not only shared by users, but also by Jack Tretton , former president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment before Shawn Layden stage.

In statements to axios, the Exjefe de PlayStation hVITA reflected on the false steps of the Japanese company after the premiere of a platform that may have surprised the entire community of players. He had the ability to offer ports of many playstation 3 games without too many sacrifices; touch screen; OLED technology panel that even today looks great; An immeVITAurable digital content offer. But it wVITA “ a little orphan ” shortly time.

“Very few people felt the need for a portable device dedicated to videogames”

“There are technologies that seemed good to me, but did not have the level of support they needed ,” he says (via ign). “Therefore, you can think of a new technology to present it to industry and consumers. But do you have the necessary marketing budget to transmit the message? Do you have the dollar support to developers to encourage them to develop games that support this initiative? Sometimes, they launch a technology and expect it to be popular, “he says, only for this, there is a need for support. The support I wVITA going to receive PlayStation 4 from the end of 2013, when PS Vita went on to the background.

PS VITA, A Páramo of possibilities without taking advantage

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Tretton believes that Ps Vita wVITA a good product , is what everyone thought of Sony from the first day, but came late to the market . The boom of smartphones and temporary drop in the popularity of portable consoles did not help the implementation of the PSP successor. “Now that I do not work there anymore, I think it wVITA in anywhere like this: ‘It’s a great machine, but it’s too late.’ The world is inclining portable devices that are not dedicated machines to play, “I bet it in relation to mobile phones. “[PS] Vita wVITA a good machine at a time when very few people felt the need for a portable device dedicated to videogames”.

PS VITA finally ceVITAed its production in Japan in 2019 with about 16 million units sold around the world. Many projects FIRST Party never realized. Looking ahead, Sony does not think about a successor.

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