Storks encourage victory: Its not about the scene

Ten players in their own penalty area, a striker takes the opposing center-back in man coverage, a single real Torchance – Holstein Kiel organized at the 1-0 success against the HSV truly no football festival. For Lewis Holtby after final whistle on the “Sky” microphone absolutely no problem: “It’s about results, not playing.”

Kiel “Matchplan” goes up

Against well-superior, but rarely really dangerous hamburgers, his team had “much invested” and thus done everything in the relegation battle: “If you are, where we are currently, you have to pure everything.” Accordingly, against his former employer also looked at the match plan: “Ambition, team spirit and a victory.”

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Wriedt shines as a scorer and man decker

In this striker Kwasi Okyere took a crucial role. On the one hand, because in the 13th minute he scored the Golden Tor, on the other hand, but also because of his work against Ball: Until his replacement, the winning scorer stood at the Hamburg-defender Sebastian Schonlau on his feet. “I think you know that Schonlau is very good in the game buildup. We wanted to weaken the HSV,” wriedent analyzed.

This has “folded quite well for us”: “We have implemented the tactics of the coach as well.” A notch, in which the early for the injured Fin Bartels alexander Ignjovski suggested: “The team worked very well today.”

Bartels injury clouds the mood

However, with Bartels injury remained a wedding drop. “Fin has broken the clavicle and is in the hospital,” Trainer Marcel Rapp announced at the press conference after the game.

Through the key leg break, the routinarian will probably miss the Kieln until the end of the season. A setback, as the storks have “no easy residual program” according to Ignjovski. Nevertheless, after this matchday, it looks good for the KSV, which is now nine points in front of the relegation place and already wants to refill on Saturday (13.30 clock, live! At Lewis Holtby) at Dynamo Dresden – the team, which is currently in place 16.

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