Best GraveBorn Assembly in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

BEST Graveborn Build For Leveling + Endgame INSANE Damage Guide | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands offers perhaps the most reliable assembly in the Borderlands series. Each of the six unique classes is incredibly strong and interesting for an independent game, and multiclassing only expands the possibilities. But the fans of the art of necromancers are going to pay special attention to the Mogilian.

What is the best GraveBorn assembly in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?


With completely pumped to 40 graveborn level, Fatemakers will be able to fill all the GraveBorn tree. Thus, it looks like the Cheaterism, but still technically true that the best assembly is the one that gets all the skills. Although it makes sense that the cleanest form of class is the one that is its strongest.

Some key skills that need to develop during pumping, which give a complete assembly hint: Death Vessel , Dark Pact , Spot of Soul and Lord Region . However, the active skills that you must use are as follows:

  • Awful sacrifice : sacrificing part of his health, Mogilian launch a powerful attack on an area that uses the status effect of dark magic to everyone who is amazed. This is provided that they will survive an explosion. The Dire Sacrifice also inflicts additional damage depending on the number of donated health.
  • Bone Reaper : This skill of action is interesting because it enhances the Mogilian, actively killing them. When the queue finally comes to die, they become invulnerable, restore some health, and the effect ends.

Equipment and Chara

Mogilian applies great damage at the cost of their own health. This is a compromise that works surprisingly well. Thus, to apply the greatest damage and get these juicy figures of an additional damage, the Mogilian will need a large health pool and increases up to damage from dark magic . Pay attention to such effects as:

    • [X]% of the effectiveness of dark magic
    • [X]% of maximum health
  • Restores health due to damage (leech)


To maintain these dark arts, the Mogilian need a way to restore all this missing health. The easiest way to do is use weapons with leech . Leech restores the player’s health due to damage. It is not necessary that all slots for weapons use leeches, but preferably one or two in case the ammunition becomes small.

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