A large amount of bug fix implementation, and VC in the squad is also implemented- “Battlefield 2042” 4.0 Apde will be delivered next week

Mr. Kevin Johnson, who serves as a DICE community manager, decided to deliver a large update 4.0 of “ Battlefield 2042 ” next week, and revealed some of the patch contents.

In this patch, a large amount of bug fixes or adjustments are performed over 400. We will tell you some of the contents currently published below.

  • The characteristics of the specialist “JIS Pike” and “Navin Lao” change. In addition, the capture performance of near-distance armor grenade of “Sundance” is improved.

  • Changed to make the ribbon easier to be unlocked due to “rush” mode.

Battlefield 2042 - Bugs & Fails Compilation
* Fixed a bug at the time of resurrection near ADS bug and obstacles when getting off from a vehicle.

  • Attachment full renovation. Change to influence loadout selection and cancer play.

In addition, it has not been mentioned and mounted is an unclear condition that is not mentioned and implemented for interstitial voice chat that has been revealed in the previous notice.

4.0 Updates will be delivered next week. Patch notes will also be released next week. In addition, “Battlefield 2042” clearly revealed that the number of STEAM version players has cuted by 1,000 the other day. A few more 832 people are recorded at 2:00 am on April 11 after the article release.

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