Debt Repayment Spacecraft Division Shim “HardSpace: Shipbreaker” May 24 Maofu Machine & Same Day PC Game PASS Compatible Decision!

Focus Entertainment announced the SCI-Fi simulation “ HardSpace: Shipbreake R” for BlackBird Interactive Development “** R” on May 24, overseas time, and announced that it responded to PC Game Pass, and published the trailer.

This game is a single play work that performs dismantling dismantling of spacecraft in no gravity spacecraft.

# Let’s repay a lot of debt

In campaign mode players are engaged in spacecraft dismantling to repay a large amount of debt of a large amount of 10 billion in the Galaxy’s largest spacecraft monkey bed company “Lynx”. Cutting spacecraft with laser cutter while moving with latest technology grapping tool. We will collect valuable resources or upgrade various tools to be used for dismantling.

Besides, free play and time-limited challenge modes are also available.

# Two years after two years

This work that had been initiated early access from June 2020 has announced that it will be formalized and formalized with a large update that is version 1.0 on May 24, Overseas.

This update adds the final ACT that closes the events of the campaigns Act1 and 2, and improves the game progress, economy, and upgrade surface. In addition to improving the performance and stability of the game, it also supports saving and loading of the ship’s sarvage. Note that the application of this update will be the last game progress reset **.

# Corresponds to PC Game Pass from the first day of release

In conjunction with Microsoft Store, the Microsoft Store will also start handling with Microsoft Store. Also, in the same store, it corresponds to the Subscription service PC Game Pass from the first date of sale.

“HardSpace: Shipbreaker” where each ship can be dismantled like a puzzle in different shapes, “HardSpace: Shipbreaker” is scheduled to deliver the official version on May 24, Overseas Time on PC and Microsoft Store. At Steam currently delivering the early access version, ** Sales prices are expected to be pulled up to $ 34.99 for formalization from $ 24.99 (2,980 yen) currently.

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