Snowrunner: These are the new and updated mods on Xbox and PlayStation

Snowdrunner players are waiting feverishly on the Next-Gen update that will appear for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 at the end of May.

The waiting time can bridges well with the new and updated mod that will now be available for Xbox and PlayStation.

Under the mods of the community are cards, truck and adjustments.

New mods


  • Roads of the Mountain King by [Email Protected]
  • Cascade Springs Winter Edition by Rockrunnergaming


  • The Offender 110 by Iceberg101

SnowRunner Xbox Series X|S & PS5 next-gen update EXPLAINED
* IX Griswold by puppymaster_aka_dw77


  • Azov 4220 antarctic “avalanche” by mrbusses
  • Azov 64131 by RadicalAdrich

Updated mods


  • Snowmide by Fugu72


  • GWC Goliath by GlitchWorks
  • Tuz B26 “Vezdekhod” by M181 by Maxmike181
  • Heritage Luna by M181 by Maxmike181
  • Dearborn Roswell Off-Road Coupe by M181 by Maxmike181
  • Hiker Nomad by M181 by Maxmike181
  • Toledo Pioneer Retro by M181 by Maxmike181
  • M181 RC Quad Pack by MaxMike181
  • VINCENZO Galaxy by M181 by Maxmike181
  • Z2 Don 80’s Racing by ZXP990


  • International Scout 800 “Chieftain” by MrBusses
  • Khan 317 Sasquatch by MrBusses
  • Tuz-108 “Razorback” by MrBusses
  • ZIKZ 5368 “Mule” by MrBusses
  • White Western Star 4964 “Spartan” by MrBusses
  • Tuz-16 “Gremlin” by MrBusses
  • Tuz-166 “Botchling” by MrBusses
  • Tayga 6455B “Wolverine” by MrBusses
  • Pacific P12W “Orca II” by MrBusses
  • Derry Longhorn 3194 “The Krogan” by MrBusses
  • Kolob 74941 “Bruxa” by MrBusses
  • Azov 73210 “Kikimore” by MrBusses
  • FORD CLT9000 AWD “Slugger” by MrBusses
  • Dan 96320 “Basilisk” by MrBusses
  • Pacific P16 “Mammoth” by MrBusses

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