Stroot bangs for training and warns more width at Bavaria

Two days before the summit in the cup, VfL Wolfsburg is not clear yet who will stand in the gate. National Teacher Almuth Shoulder (31) had already missed her comeback during the week for a shoulder strain in the DFB selection and is further questionable. “Almuth is currently being a last minute decision, whether that works or not,” said coach Tommy Stroot in front of the duel between the German master of 2021 and the cup winner from 2021 on Sunday (live! From 12.30 Clock at Wolfsburg; TV: ARD) in Munich.

This is not the only problem with the Wölfinnen: Schults Kollegin Lisa White is missing because of a finger operation, also Katarzyna Kiedrzynek came back with shoulder problems from the Polish national team. So possibly the 19-year-old Julia Kassen must possibly between the posts. However, he has “no abdominal pain,” said Stroot.

Overall, the Wolfsburg women are self-confident in the top game. Finally, it’s about “your” competition. Last seven times in series, the VfL won the DFB Cup and could even make the triple possible: In the semi-final game of the Champions League, Wolfsburg arrives at the FC Barcelona next Friday, the second leg may take place on April 30th before records. In the Bundesliga, the VFL has been located since 6-0 against which strongly replaced Bayern women’s four points before the permanent rivals.

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Stroot this time expects “a very different game” than that edge victory on April 3. “It will be more widespread about the Munich,” said the 33-year-old at the press conference on Friday. In addition, he expects Bavaria women, “who will do all the last title chance”.

Do Bayern have to do without Damnjanovic?

Even the Munich people are not carefree to this duel. Although the coronary personal sores are a good part, but the Serbian striker Jovana Damnjanovic suffered an ankle violation and threatens to fell off at the surprising victory in the World Cup qualifier (3: 2). Goalkeeper Cecilia Runarsdottir is definitely missing because of a hand break.

“We definitely show another face,” emphasized National Player Sydney Lohmann, who was missing like many of her colleagues at the 0: 6 because of Corona. On Sunday on the campus of FC Bayern, you should now play again despite training residue. “We want to leave everything in place,” she announced. Finally, it’s about a final ticket.

The Cup final is on May 28 in Cologne. The second endpiece participant will be determined on Monday between Bayer Leverkusen and Turbine Potsdam.

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