How to get a Vans Pigeons Shoulder Pet in Roblox Vans World

Vans World is a unique skateboard experience in Roblox, which allows players to raise the level of their skating skills, performing tricks, creating and decorating their own boards and shoes, as well as exploring a huge card, full skating potential.

Vans World have many special unlocked items and accessories that can even be exchanged for your character outside the game. To get them, you need to perform certain tasks, for example, a pet with a pigeon blade. To unlock this little guy for your character, you will need to go on a journey around the world and collect all hidden pigeons.

Find all pigeons

You can track the founded pigeons, looking at the tracker displayed at the top of the screen. There are just 15 pigeons around the world in scattered places. All you need to do to collect them is to enter them.

As soon as you collect all 15 of them, a screen will appear, reporting that you received the VANS Pigeon Avatar item. Then you can check your inventory and equip it for your character!

Pigeon locations

Pigeon Basketball Tribunes

This pigeon is on top of the stand drawn to the open basketball court on the beach side of the card.


This dove is slightly higher on the roof from the beach. It can be found in the advertising shield VANS OFF THE WALL. To climb it, you will have to jump over the railing leading to the roof, or instead you can carefully approach it.

Vanz Bridge Pigeon

This dove is sitting right on the edge of a large bridge with the VANS logo below.

Vanz Balcony Pigeon

This pigeon can be seen on the balcony under the Big Sign of Vans on this skyscraper. To get to it, you will have to go through the building and find the entrance to the balcony.

pigeon under the bridge

This dove is under the bridge near the river behind the street with multicolored houses.

Pigeon on the central square

This dove sits right in the middle of grass on the central square.

Garage Dove Twinkle Lights

This dove is located inside an open garage decorated with flickering lights, on the street with hanging transparencies.

Sun loungers Dove

This dove looks at the beach with a railing near the rows of chairs.

Banner Street Balcony Dove

This dove on the balcony on the street with banners. To get to him, you will need to get to the balcony in front of it, and then get through the banners to go to it.

Rocky dove

This dove is on the outskirts of the card on the rocky rocks in the water.

indoor skate park Pigeon

This pigeon can be found in the covered Skate Park, where NPC Tyson stands next to the test board. You will have to go through the beams to get to it.

dock dove

This dove is located next to the beach at the very end of the berth and looks at the ocean.

DJ Dove

This dove is sitting right behind the DJ buddy on stage on the main square.

Pigeon from the sandbox

This dove is sitting in a sandbox right near the beach.

bird statue pigeon

This pigeon, which is quite appropriate, is right at the base of a big bird statue.

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