4K TVs for 249 € now in the Easter

Both media market and Saturn there is a large residual postal sale at Easter, in which you get more TVs, laptops, monitors and various household appliances cheaper. The actions run until 8 o’clock in the morning on 19 April. Here’s the overview of the Deals:

  • Remaining Stock Sale at Mediamarkt: Cheap 4K TVs and more
  • Remaining Stock Sale at Saturn: cheap 4K TVs and more

Among the offers are two different 4K televisions, which you get in size 43 inches already for 249 euros: the Chiq G7U and the Cocaa S3M. Both models have never favored it cheaper according to comparison platforms. The shipping is free in both cases.

  • CHIQ G7U (4K, 43 inches) for 249 € (RRP: 549 €) at MediaMarkt
  • CHIQ G7U (4K, 43 inches) for 249 € (RRP: 549 €) at Saturn
  • Cocaa S3M (4K, 43 inches) for 249 € (RRP: 499 €) at MediaMarkt
  • Cocaa S3M (4K, 43 inch) for 249 € (RRP: 499 €) at Saturn

CHIQ G7U or COOCAA S3M: Which TV is better?

Unfortunately, there are hardly any reviews for the Chiq G7U and Cocaa S3m and we have not tried the two 4K televisions so far. Therefore, we can not give a detailed assessment. Nevertheless, a few important information and differences can be read on the technical data:

VA or IPS: The ChiQ G7U has, according to the manufacturer, a contrast of up to 5000: 1. This is a good value that suggests that it uses a contrasting VA panel. But the picture quality is likely to be highly viewing angle dependent. The Cocaa S3M indicates the contrast with comparatively low 1200: 1. This suggests a contrasting IPS panel, which is less viewing angle.

CHIQ G7U (4K, 43 inches) for 249 € (RRP: 549 €) at Mediamarkt

Brightness: Image brightness is given at the CHIQ G7U with 250 cd / m2 and the Cocaa S3M with 230 cd / m2. Whether in practice really a difference is to be seen, is hard to say, especially as such values always depend on the measuring method. In any case, both values are quite low, which is why televisions are not well suited for use in very bright rooms (approximately with direct sunlight). But that is a conventional compromise that you always have to go in with very favorable TVs.

Operating system: A big difference between the two televisions shows the operating system. The CHIQ G7U uses the widespread Android 9.0, which should provide good app support. The Cocaa S3M, however, uses a Linux-based operating system, which is quite unusual for televisions. Although large streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video are supported, we would not rely on the app support in this case.

Cocaa S3M (4K, 43 inches) for 249 € (RRP: 499 €) at Mediamarkt

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