How to make a floor in Grounded

The basic building is an important part of _Mead if you want to stay away from different creatures and insects that live in the yard. One of the parts of your base that will require a certain job to access it is to be able to build a soil.

You will not be able to access it for a while and it will ask you some effort. The first thing to do is play through the game until you need to explore the explosion with oats. It’s a quick price, so be sure to read our guide on how to do it.

GROUNDED How To Build Floors #Grounded

Explore the oak eventually lead you to a laboratory that contains a robot called burg.l. This useful type can sell you recipes and plans for Raw Science, a resource you earn by completing challenges in the game. On the field next to it will be a chip. It’s the grasslands chip. Pick up it and give it to Burg.L, and it will get new options in its Raw Science shop.

The floor option will be under the unlocking of the multi-stage bases, and this unlock will cost you 1000 raw science, about three or four days of challenges and exploration in the game. As we said, it It takes a lot of work to get it, but it will allow you to make multi-storey bases with floors and stairs.

Surviving, building a base and collect resources would seem to be the current final game of the early access version of the game, so you can work well to create the best possible base.

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