A Streets of Rage movie is announced

After enjoying a good success with two Sonic the Hedgehog movies, Sega returns to bet on the cinema, and in this occasion willstreets of rage the property that intends to take to this means of entertainment.

According to Deadline, Sega and DJ2 Entertainment, producers from Sonic films, have been joined once more, this time to give us a Streets of Rage movie. Along with this, Escape Artists, Producer House, and Derek Kolstad, creator of the John Wick series, will be part of this project.

Within the first information data, it highlights the fact that Kolstad is the manager of the script . Considering that this will be the adaptation of a Beat’em UP, the decision to put the person in charge by John Wick in this position sounds like the logical choice in this case. Along with this, Escape Artists are recognized mainly by producing Equalizer’s franchise, another quite popular series of action.

As if that were not enough, you do not have to forget that DJ2 Entertainment is also working on adapting to the cinema of it takes two. Returning to Streets of Rage, The last game in the series was _Streets of Rage 4, which received an endless positive criticism, and is cataloged as one of the best Beat’em up of recent years. On related topics, the logo of sonic origins has been filtered.

Editor’s note:

John Wick 4

Although the idea of bringing something like Streets of Rage to the cinema sounds like a bad decision, the two Sonic films have shown that even a strange idea can have positive results. You just have to wait for more information to be given.

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