LOL: Giants would welcome a diamond of ERL to replace an insignia player

3.27 | The Cullinan diamond was the largest natural diamond ever found (January 25, 1905). It
Competitive National League of Legends continues to give very hot news even though the offseason has not yet started. The final of the MSI will dictate the beginning of a format season with many interesting changes, such as the arrival of Matti “Whiteknight” Sormunen to the rows of KOI to reinforce the upper lane or return of Jang “Nuguri” Gwon to Damwon Kia to redeem himself from a horrible season in the LPL.

Well, this time we will talk about a rumor that could completely change the way to play a team, specifically Giant Gaming. As it has been confirmed EROS through Esportmaniacos, the Malaga set would have filed Tim “Keduii” Willers for Superliga summer Split. Thus, he would occupy the Amadeu Plaza “Attila” Carvalho, a fundamental piece of the club from the return of him in 2020.

For those who do not know him, Keduii is next to Jackspektra and Rekkles, the best handle out of the LAC at present . Maybe more than one sounds, since he militated in the ranks of BCN Squad during the Surliga summer split back there by 2020 and worked it there was more than outstanding. After this, he traveled to Germany to play with Big to this year, harvesting some numbers worthy of Lec and leaving plays for the memory.

What we do not know is what will happen with Attila , who even tattooed the Giants logo as a sign of eternal love to the club. Many comment that the departure of him was more than expected after the latest results, although according to some he could change from role to Support this year seeing the last games he has played on his Soloq account. Moreover, the Attila himself responded to the message of Eros with the tattoo mentioned above, taking the close relationship of him with the Malaga club but without giving a clear information that he will go or change his role.

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