Miami dominates the Hawks

The Heat transported her good shape from the main round as well in the play-offs. However, it must also be said that Atlanta caught a miserable evening. This can also be easily read on the numbers of starting players Young: The best man of Hawks only posted eight points, hit one of his twelve throws from the field, not his seven threesome. But he was not alone, for example Bogdan Bogdanovic did not hit his eight litters out of the field, made every six points from the free throw line.

In total, such a performance is of course not enough to be dangerous to a team like Miami, accordingly, the result with 115: 91 also fell out. At the Heat, Jimmy Buttler delivered as always and scored 21 points. However, he was only second best basket hunter of his team, because Duncan Robinson caught from the bench coming a cream day. He scored the same 27 points, threw nine of his ten throws (eight of nine threes).

Continue with game two in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the encounter will take place again in Miami before the series stops for two games in Atlanta. Young & Co. must necessarily show another face if you do not want to go back 0: 2.

Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks Game 1 Full Highlights | 2022 ECR1 | FreeDawkins

Whiffs for Irving – Tatum has the rest

The second game of the evening became a thriller. In the third quarter, Boston was able to settle in part to 15 points, but Brooklyn always remained in it. Among other things, this was a strong Kyrie Irving, who crashed whistled at his old workstops and countered it with rich 39 points – best value in the game.

Finally, this strong appearance of the APPORTOR helped but nothing, as the Celts with the last action won the game. Boston let the ball run quietly through their own ranks when driving down. The Spalding finally landed at Jayson Tatum, who was elegantly turning to his opponent and spent the 115-114 victory for the Celtics in the last second with a layup. Not very well defended by the Nets, but on the other side very taught and quietly played by the hosts.

Continue with game two in the night from Wednesday to Thursday in Boston.

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