Best Stabbomancer builds in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows players to implement their class fantasies in a pretty degree. Each class and subsequent multitlass have many options available to them. But for fans of the dark and insidious arts of rings, there is only one real Bild Stabbomancer.

What is the best Stabbomancer Build Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?


When it comes to six basic classes in the game, skill glasses are enough to purchase each skill after FateMakers reach the 40th level. This makes this build by default the strongest build.

At the same time there are several key skills on which you need to focus to become the most efficient robber. They are Arsenal , Neshka , Follow, , poles Alchemical agent . While two active skills are available, the creators of the law will need a ghost blade.

  • Phantom blade : The creator of fate throws a ghost blade that rotates on the spot, periodically inflicting the damage to the nearest enemies in the near battle depending on the equipped weapon of the creator of fate. Pressing the action skill button when the ghost blade is active, makes it teleport to the target and reduces its remaining duration for a small percentage.

Equipment and Chara

Stabbomancer is designed to apply critical damage and status effects using low-battle attacks.

    • [X]% chance of a critical impact in the near battle
    • [X]% of all damage
    • [X]% damage in melee

BOSS MELTING BUILD! Chaos 20 Made Easy (Spellshot x Stabbomancer) // Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


When you start this assembly, Stabbomancer will be his melee weapon. Thus, the creators of the fate will want to find something pleasant for the swing, as they will do this much. Claw bishki ** works very well, as it increases the critical damage and makes an additional damage with every blow in the near battle.

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