Formula 1: Verstappen wins sprint from Imola

World Champion Max Stapen has decided the first sprint of the Formula 1 season for itself and thus the starting place is conquered one for the great prize of the Emilia-Romagna. The Red Bull Star from the Netherlands reached the Ferrari home game after 21 laps the target in Imola before Scuderia-Star Charles Leclec (Monaco) and his Mexican teammate Sergio Perez.

Stipen home with eight World Cup points. Leclerc continues to lead the championship with 78 meters in front of the fourth season race on Sunday (15.00 in the Liveticker). Stairing stands at 33 counters.

Ex-world champion Sebastian Vettel reached in the Aston Martin Platz 13 and thus missed his first points of the season as well as Mick Schumacher in Haas, who became a tenth.

Without countable, the short-race was over about 100 km for series constructor world champions Mercedes: Record Champion Lewis Hamilton did not come out about 14, his new teammate George Russell (both England) raced as an eleventh. The classification of the sprint sets the starting order for the main race.

Formula 1 has clearly appreciated the sprint format this year. The winner now gets eight instead of three World Cup points, counters are available for the first eight drivers. Thus, the sprints win – others are planned in Spielberg and Sao Paulo – additionally important for the title fight.

Formula 1: Sprinklace at the GP of Imola – final

Round 21/21


| Stip


| Leclerc


| Pere


| Sainz


| Norris


| Ricciardo


| Bottas


| Magnuss


| Alonso


| Schumacher


| Russell


| Tsunoda


| Vettel


| Hamilton


| Stroll


| Ocon


| Gasly


| Albon


| Latifi


| Zhou

Formula 1: Sprinklace at the GP of Imola in the Liveticker to read

End Sprint: The Sprint on the Autodromo Enzo E Dino Ferrari is finished…

Max stapping wins the sprint of the Imola Grand Prix: Max Stappen has ended the last round and secures the eight points for the sprint winner! Charles Leclerc is second. Sergio Pérez ends the sprint on third place.

It goes into the last round: With a good second padding it goes for max stages in the last round. There will not happen much in the direction of victory. The remaining podium places seem to be awarded.

Overhaul maneuvers of max stapping: There is the change of leadership! In the 20th of 21 rounds he is on the outside line faster in the Tamburello. Leclerc is back, of course, do not want to risk too much here

Overture maneuvers of Carlos Sainz: Three rounds before the end it happened and Sainz passes his former teammate. Four is now to beech. In the fight for the victory is now also trapped very close.

Sainz to Norris Dran: A little further behind it Carlos Sainz has prepared himself on Lando Norris. Since the attack towards the fourth place is certainly not long in coming.

Boxing radio Max stapping: Max stapping is informed about radio that Leclerc has to fight with graining at its front tire.

Will it be exciting again? Will it be exciting in the final rounds again? Max stapping is suddenly close to Leclerc. Only 0.7 seconds separate the two pilots.

Warning for Alonso: Alonso gets a black and white flag due to snake line driving on the straight line. Irritis can not be bottas of it and overtakes Alonso now.

Overhaul maneuver of Mick Schumacher: Off the TV cameras Mick Schumacher has snapped Sebastian Vettel now and takes over Zen. Points are about the course.

DRS train behind Vettel: Behind Sebastian Vettel has formed a small DRS train in the meantime. Six vehicles are currently hanging close to the tail of the German.

Overhaul maneuvers of Carlos Sainz: Carlos Sainz is meanwhile continuing to revoke his mistake from Friday. The Spaniard passes the first McLaren of Ricciardo and is now fifth. Can he also collect Norris?

LECLERC with upholstery: Charles Leclerc continues to stip a small upholstery in the direction of adversary max. At a good 1.5 seconds distance moves the residue of the world champion.

Schumacher finds no way over: Mick Schumacher currently seems to be faster on the road than the Aston Martin von Landsmann Vettel, but Schumacher has not yet passed.

A lot of movement in the field: The spectators are spoiled today with many overtaking maneuvers. Carlos Sainz passes Kevin Magnussen on the outside and will surely try to collect the two McLaren in the next rounds.

Overtaking maneuver by Sergio Pérez: Norris has not much to report against Pérez and the Briton is now being bowled by the podium. Further behind it pushes Daniel Ricciardo past the Haas of Magnussen.

Norris with a large gap: behind Leclerc and Verstappen has already formed a gap. Lando Norris is missing from the top two for a good five seconds. He will have to orientate himself back, because Pérez is not far away.

Valtteri Bottas overtaking maneuver: Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, further away from the points. Valtteri Bottas passes the Heppenheimer and takes over position nine. Vettel is now tenth and will have to do with Mick Schumacher.

Ü Berholanaver by Sergio Pérez: Sergio Pérez ensures the next overtaking maneuver and takes fourth place from Kevin Magnussen. He will certainly catch up quickly towards Norris. At the top, Leclerc is 1.2 seconds before Verstappen.

Overtaking maneuver by Carlos Sainz: Carlos Sainz makes another place well and it goes without problems past Fernando Alonso. Now seventh place is already available for him. The next thing on the list is Daniel Ricciardo.

Vettel in ninth place: Sebastian Vettel is in ninth place after five laps, but has already lost the connection to eighth place. Sainz separated him 1.5 seconds, which hangs on the rear of Alonso. So far, Mick Schumacher has been able to improve a position.

Warning for Magnussen: For Kevin Magnussen, there is a warning from the race management, as he had driven zigzag lines at the regular start in the duel.

Leclerc pulls away: No problems for Charles Leclerc at the restart. The Monegasse starts early and gains a small gap in the direction of Verstappen. Norris is third and gets pressure from Magnussen. Sainz has now worked towards eighth place.

Safety Car comes in: At the end of this round, the Safety Car will come back to the box. Now Charles Leclerc is the one who will set the pace until the restart.

Car on the hook: The Safety Car goes into the third round, while Zhou’s car is now hanging on the hook. Meanwhile, the race management announces that there will be no penalties for those involved in the accident. Normal racing situation.

pit stop by Pierre Gasly: Pierre Gasly was now on the box and picked up new tires. It is now in the last position.

Crash between Zhou and Gasly: The repetitions show that Zhou was trying to overtake Gasly in the fast Piratella right curve, which led to a touch when the Alphatauri pilot excreted. The result is a tire damage at the front of the right for Gasly, which comes to the box, while Zhou turned into the wall and leaves with considerable damage.

Safety Car: The Safety Car comes on the track and collect the field again after just a few kilometers. The Leclerc, which already had a small lead.

Accident from Guanyu Zhou: Early end for Guanyu Zhou! The Chinese is in curve 9 with the rear of the route limitation. How it came about is not yet clear.

Start: The traffic lights are out, the sprint is running! Charles Leclerc strikes right at the start and takes the lead in front of the first curve! Behind it and Norris. Magnussen gives everything behind it to ward off the competitors. He holds fourth place. Behind it then Sergio Pérez, who had a good start.

Formula 1: Sprint race at the GP from Imola Now in the LIVETICKER – Start

Introductory round runs: The introductory round has started and Verstappen leads the field over the route one last time before the start. The majority drive on the soft. Only Magnussen, Schumacher and Latifi deny the sprint on the medium. As a reminder: pit stops are not a must.

Before the start: In the second training session, the drivers had to do with sunshine. There could be rain in the sprint. A few dark clouds hang over the route before starting. Officially, the probability of rain is just over 40 percent. The route temperature is currently 28 degrees, the air temperature 20 degrees.

Before the start: The responsible persons did not change the sprint format much. What is new is that there are significantly more World Cup points this year. So far there were three points in the sprint for the top and only three World Cup counters for the winner. This year there are eight points in the event. In comparison, the sprint is again important for the World Cup.

Before starting: After the premiere last year, Formula 1 also sets sprint weekends this season. A total of three times 2022 sprints are performed. The first of this is today in Imola. It’s not just about a few meters for the World Cup, but also to avoid failure as possible. Because it would go back to the end of the startup on Sunday.

Before starting: In difficult weather conditions, the reigning world champion Max Max Stapen was able to secure the pole position for today’s sprinklets. Behind him Charles Leclec start in Ferrari and Lando Norris in McLaren. Despite the poles of the red-bull pilot, the Ferrari returned to the best form this weekend – even if the crash of Carlos Sainz clouds the joy of good shape. Mercedes, on the other hand, disappointed this weekend so far, the silver arrows start today from the squares 11 and 13.

Before starting: From a German point of view, Sebastian Vettel showed an excellent performance when qualifying. The Aston Martin-Pilot starts today as a ninth in the race. Something bad luck, however, Mick Schumacher had in qualifying, who goes to the race as twelfth today. That the Haas can be further forward, showed his teammate Kevin Magnussen, which starts as a fourth.

Before starting: The first sprint race of the season starts today at 4.30 pm on the Autodomo Enzo E Dino Ferrari.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the sprinklets at the GP of Imola.

Formula 1: Sprinklace at the GP of Imola today live on TV and Livestream

SKY shows the sprint race at the GP from Imola today live and exclusively on TV and Livestream. From 15.45 clock you can experience the spectacle on SKY Sport F1 (HD) _ live and full length. The sprint race starts at 16.30 and is commented for _sky by Sascha Roos and Ralf Schumacher.

In addition to the TV transmission, SKY offers two options the sprinklets at the GP of Imola in the Livestream. You can see this Livestream with the SKY go_app or the _sky ticket.

Stream the Formula 1 season: Secure the SkyTicket now.

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Formula 1: Sprinklace at the GP of Imola today in the LiveTicker – the startup

Pos. | Driver | team

F1 LIVE: Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Post Sprint Show

1 |


| Red Bull
2 |

Charles Leclerc

| Ferrari
3 |

Lando Norris

| McLaren
4 |

Kevin Magnussen

| Haas f1
5 |

Fernando Alonso

| Alpine
6 |

Daniel Ricciardo

| McLaren
7 |

Sergio Perez

| Red Bull
8 |

Valtteri Bottas

| Alfa Romeo
9 |

Sebastian Vettel

| Aston Martin
10 |

Carlos Sainz

| Ferrari
11 |

George Russell

| Mercedes
12 |

Mick Schumacher

| Haas f1
13 |

Lewis Hamilton

| Mercedes
14 |

Guanyu Zhou

| Alfa Romeo
15 |

Lance Stroll

| Aston Martin
16 |

Yuki Tsunoda

| Alphatauri
17 |

Pierre Gasly

| Alphatauri
18 |

Nicholas Latifi

| Williams
19 |

Esteban Ocon

| Alpine
20 |

Alexander Albon

| Williams

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